Design Firm How-To: Writing Your Company Story

How to Write Your Company Story

An excerpt from Drawn to Business by Go Media President William Beachy

Who are you? What do you do? What makes you different? Who is your ideal customer? What problem are you solving for them? All of this needs to be communicated in a simple story. People love stories. People remember stories. How compelling is yours?

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Simply telling a customer “We’re a design firm that does branding, print design and web development,” is not enough.

You’ve only categorized your business. You’ve given them no reason to hire you over any other design firm.


Here’s Go Media’s story: concise and compelling. 


Go Media was started by illustrators. While we all had degrees in design, our background was drawing.

In the first six years of the company we didn’t care about making money. We only took on projects that were highly artistic. We lived on Ramen Noodles and worked insane hours designing apparel, gig posters and marketing for the entertainment industry. Our uniquely artistic design style led to incredible demand from corporate America. In turn, their needs led us to put together a robust team of web developers. That gave us the technical skills to back up the creativity of our designs. Today, 80% of our work is web development. One constant with Go Media has been our passion for professionalism. While artists are known for being emotional and unreliable, Go Media’s creative team takes great pride in delivering every project on time, on budget, with a smile on our faces.


That’s it. That’s our Cleveland design firm’s story in less than one minute. That’s commonly referred to as your elevator pitch.

Write yours, memorize it, tell it with passion. Make sure that it’s short and compelling.

Nobody wants to hear you drone on for an hour.

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