Next IT Branding and Website

Next IT Staffing Branding and Website


Designer Sites on WordPress

The new Next IT Staffing site was built on WordPress. WordPress is largely known as the most user friendly and powerful leading content management system in the world. A tool running in tandem with WordPress here is Designer Sites, Go Media's Page Builder editing tool. Designer Sites allows our clients, in this case the Next IT Staffing team, to make live edits to their pages without ever having to access WordPress' back-end. The best part is that our clients feel empowered, truly having ownership over their website.

Next-IT_Pin Mockup
Next-IT_Business Card Mockup

Cleveland Furniture Company

Local furniture brothers Jason & Paul Cirino and their family have served the Cleveland area for over 50 years. With business growing and new locations opening, they came to Go Media looking to establish a new brand and a solid foundation for their future endeavors. A new parent brand, The Cleveland Furniture Company, and sub-brand, The Design Squad, were created.


The brand aesthetic was inspired by the City of Cleveland and its industrial history. Various abbreviated logo marks and secondary graphics across their collateral support that vision, mixing the machine manufactured look with fun illustrations from old-school ads you'd see in the papers.


Supporting Graphics


The Design Squad is the CFCO interior design consultation service. The cheeky persona of the department is meant to help ease the stigma of uptight Interior Designers. Similar to the geek squad, the Design Squad will rush to any home to help you troubleshoot your interior design problems, finding the solution to the perfect space.


Agent Sandy

Meet the face of the Design Squad - Agent Sandy. She and her team of designers will help you uncover what's missing in your space, help you source a particular style of furniture, or generally answer any questions you may have about interior design. The mysterious lady mascot was inspired by one of the furniture brothers wives.


Young Latino Network

Founded in 2002 by a group of hard working and forward thinking Young Latino professionals, the Young Latino Network was started to give young professionals in the Latino community the opportunity to come together, network, mentor and volunteer. The YLN hired Cleveland branding firm Go Media to refresh their branding to better reflect their organization's energy and mission.

Young Latino Network_White Logo_Horizontal Word Mark - Single Color
Young Latino Network__Letter Mark
Young Latino Network__Primary Mark
Young Latino Network__Secondary Mark

As inspiration, the Go Media design team looked to traditional Latino tile mosaic art. In that art we found our rich, warm colors. We also saw the mortar lines between the tiles as representing the connectivity of the Young Latino Network and their members. When redrawn giving more emphasis to these lines, it took on the look of a street map, which communicates the idea of community.

Young Latino Network Ad Mockup - Cropped
YNL_Logo Mockup 1
YNL_Logo Mockup 2

Pattern Design

As the logo design represents one small piece of a large mosaic, we felt strongly that we wanted to build that full mosaic as a brand resource. This full mosaic was worked into a repeatable pattern so it can be applied infinitely across any object. While the pattern is repeating, we built the base art large enough to create the feeling that it's random.

YNL_Pattern Mockup 1
YNL_Pattern Mockup 3
YNL_Pattern Mockup 2

Alternative Concepts

Every Go Media branding project goes through a series of unique concepts. We work with our clients to explore different ideas and work towards the ideal solution. The very best branding work is always a team effort between our designers and our clients.


Très Chic Salon Branding

Go Media was approached by stylist Katie Skillman who was on a mission to turn her passion for hair education & styling into her dream business - a local Cleveland salon known as Très Chic. During the early stages of the brand development, we explored influences from French cinema, fashion, and even some understated vintage looks. At the base of it all, we knew the goal was a strong, classic and elegant identity that held up to its name Très Chic, meaning very stylish.

Tres Chic__Full Signature - White
Tres Chic_Aprons-02
Tres Chic__Seconday Graphic 3 - Tan
Tres Chic__Secondary Graphic 2 - Tan

Throughout the branding process, we explored several potential applications for the identity. Everything from a business card and service menus, to the signage on the exterior of the building. Because of this, the Très Chic identity consists of a handful of logo variations to account for those various needs. You can find their signature TC scissor mark sprinkled across their marketing materials or featured on aprons worn by the stylists.

Tres Chic_Business Card B
Tres Chic_Business Card A v2
Tres Chic_Business Card C

The development of the building in which the salon is housed was underway as we were working on the identity. This allowed us to explore all the possibilities for signage on the blank slate of an exterior that was coming soon. Here you see the initial plans for the window graphics as well as the finished corner sign featuring a stacked version of the brands' logotype.

Alternate Concept

Revolve Labs


We live in a world where being connected via mobile technology and devices is part of our everyday lives. Revolve Labs is an app development company with the goal of enhancing that experience. Together we've created an identity for the company that stands to represent Revolve's place behind the scenes of mobile app development.


Designer Sites

In addition to the identity, we utilized our Designer Sites platform to create a custom, single page, fully responsive website for Resolve Labs.

Forest City Shuffleboard

Based on the success of their original shuffleboard business in Marblehead Ohio (the Erie Social), owners Jim and Kari looked to elaborate on their concept by venturing to the city of Cleveland. As the branding began, we quickly realized a tweaked direction based off the original concept could be fruitful, and thus we arrived at vintage varsity aesthetic. Orienting visuals to the feel of late-century gymnasiums and sports movies helped develop the voice of the concept. To further cement the brand voice,  we decided to rename what would have been Cleveland Shuffleboard, Forest City Shuffleboard -- A throw-back, nickname oriented approach which was the cherry on top of their new brand.

Flying FCS
Flying FCS
1302_Forest-City-Arena Awaits 2_Arena-Awaits-2
1302_Forest-City-Shuffleboard_Slide the Hammer_Slide-the-Hammer
1302_Forest-City-Shuffleboard_FCS Badge 2_FCS-Badge-2
1302_Forest-City-Welcome to the Arena_Welcome-to-the-Arena
FCS Wall Card
FCS Wall Card
FCS Wall Card
FCS Arena
Forest City_Homepage Mockup

USB Memory Direct

USB Memory Direct is an industry leader specializing in custom flash drives. Go Media was thrilled when USB Memory Direct reached out to us to rebrand their company and redesign their website. They needed an identity that reflected their commitment to superior customer service. They believe that every customer interaction and experience, from start to finish, should bring happiness.


Which got us thinking – what better way to show happiness than a smiling USB drive mascot! Because USB Memory Direct specializes in creating custom flash drives, we felt compelled to create a family of icons that shows the various shapes and sizes they offer.


Once we established their brand image, we were tasked with revamping the look and experience of their website.








Our full branding process often starts with us presenting a number of different design directions. Working with the client, we get their feedback and continue to fine tune the concept into a final, perfect fit, brand. Here are a few alternate concepts we explored during USB Memory Direct’s logo design process.


The Literary Tavern Branding

Go Media has once again had the pleasure of working on one of Ross Valenti's new locations - a local tavern in our own backyard. The Literary Tavern location has been part of the Tremont neighborhood for many decades, and, though it's contents have changed many times, it's historical roots are strong and the stories of those who filled it's walls are a great reflection of the character it holds. While working on the brand and website we had the pleasure of hearing those stories, all of which have inspired and influenced the branding for The Literary Tavern.


Behind the Badge

In the 1970s what is now the Literary Tavern was then a local bar where veterans would gather for a beer and each other’s company. Famously, it was visited by the likes of Robert Deniro while filming the Deer Hunter to chat up the local Vets and learn from their experiences. To keep some of that history in tact the Literary Tavern badge was created in the form of a Lieutenant's medal/lapel pin.

Jack Frost Donuts

Jack Frost Donuts, a Cleveland west-side institution since 1937, came to Go Media hoping to spruce up the brand in concurrence with moving and opening their new location. What started as a logo refresh turned into the more holistic branding process Go Media is proud to provide clients everyday.











Vosay sought Go Media’s logo design and website design expertise to help build their marketing and sales foundation for their line of custom furniture. Because the Sucupira tables enact a rebirth for these magnificent tree roots, the founders, artisans, and customers, they have named each one after a river, symbolizing rebirth, creation, community, the natural environment, and life itself.

Vosay Collection Responsive Website Design Layout

Vosay Responsive Web Design
Vosay collection products website page

Alternate Concept

Our branding process typically starts with us presenting a number of different design directions. Working with the client, we react to their feedback as we fine tune the concept into a polished work of branding excellence. Here is an alternate idea we were exploring for Vosay’s logo design and visual branding.



Gem Tool

Gem Tool Branding & Website

A portfolio company of Dan T. Moore –  They have partnered with Go Media for their branding and website design & development. The CNC machining process itself was the initial focus of our team. Borrowing similar steps we built Gem Tool’s drill bit inspired, iconic ‘G’ mark that sits at the core of the identity. From there the visuals grew and we’re carried through into the website.

Gem Tool

Gem Tool


After the branding phase we moved straight into the design & development of the Gem Tool website.

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Gem Tool

Below are alternate concepts that were explored during our branding process.


Tried & True – Wood Finish Rebranding & Website

All Tried & True wood finishes are made from sustainable agricultural resources without added solvents or toxins. Tried & True called upon Go Media’s rebranding expertise to fine tune their identity and develop a new website to better reflect their environmentally friendly focus.





Innova – Work Hard. Live Easy.

The Finch Group sought Go Media to assist with brand development to help them establish a solid foundation on which to build their company in the Cleveland market as well as launch their new property. The newest addition to their portfolio is a 400,000 square foot multi-phase mixed income property in the Upper Chester Neighborhood of Hough – called Innova.

Innova Logo Design

Alternate Innova Logos

Innova Sell Sheet Designs

Innova Exterior Building Signage Design

Innova Print Banner Design

The Finch Group was in need of assistance with brand development, logo design, collateral print material design, building signage, exterior marketing design and print marketing design.

Innova Folder and postcard design

Innova Tote bag design and welcome book

Innova letterhead design

Dan T. Moore

Dan T. Moore Company Rebranding & Website

Dan T. Moore Company was founded in Cleveland, OH with the guiding principle of finding and solving unmet industrial needs. Operating as a family office, they leverage extensive internal R&D capabilities to improve the manufacturing processes of their portfolio companies. Go Media had the pleasure to work with DTM Co. to help visualize the caliber of the company, and develop a new website to present their brand and portfolio of companies to a modern market.

Dan T. Moore Company LogosThe DTMC  brand is unique in that it needs to live both in the board room and in the warehouse. With that in mind much of the inspiration for the aesthetic came from industrial trademarks which have been dressed up a bit. Above you see the final Dan T. Moore Company logo and all of it’s variations.

Dan T. Moore Company

The main goal for the Dan T. Moore Company website is to showcase their diverse portfolio companies.

Dan T. Moore Comapny

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Below we see some of the work in the design process which ultimately lead to the final work above. These steps help us flesh out concepts, explore visual themes, and vet the solutions we present to the client.

Dan T. Moore Alternates

Boom! Nutrition

Boom Nutrition Inc. is a Cleveland based company that produces Carb Boom! Energy Gels®, the best tasting and best performing energy gel for endurance athletes. When approached by clients Tony and Mike, we plotted out a full rebrand and brand evolution – including logotype, mark, iconography, flyer design, packaging and website design. Gaining more and more traction in the energy gel market, a full, robust presence was needed to take the next step in the companies evolution. What follows are the different components we tackled do do just that.


The first component of the Boom! brand we tackled was its visual identity. The brief outlined the production of a new contemporary, athletic primary logo along with additional secondary logos which live in various places throughout the brand.

Flavor Graphics

The next component were the flavor graphics. Inherent to Boom!’s quality and uniqueness is its delicious, real fruit flavor. We wanted this to be reflected in the design, while at the same time develop a sort of energy-based style.


The packaging is at the heart and soul of the Boom! brand. It needed to be an eye-catching, innovative visual design to help stand out from the competition and to really speak to the customers it aims to serve. We were able to strike a balance of a contemporary athletics brand, while at the same time appearing delicious and reinforcing their position in the market as ‘most delicious.’

The gel packs themselves are visually indicative of the new Boom! brand’s direction – The fruit takes center stage emphasizing its all-natural flavor, with the visual identity reinforcing the ‘edge’ of contemporary athletics. Finding that right balance was at the heart of the projects goals.

Boom Energy Gel Branding Packaging 2 - Cleveland packaging design by Go Media

Boom Energy Gel Branding Packaging 3 - Cleveland packaging design by Go Media

Boom Energy Gel Apparel - Cleveland apparel design by Go Media


After the product packaging was established, we moved onto design the accompanying merchandise. For most retail brands this is a very useful component of their brand, but with Boom! being an athletics brand where equipment can be the difference in performance, it played an even more crucial role.

During the research and design process, we learned that the Boom! customer base is very loyal about ‘their’ flavor. This sense of ownership is something we really wanted to reinforce, so having the different flavor gels translate directly to the merchandise was a no-brainer. You can now sport your favorite flavor while running in a race.

Boom Energy Gel Website - Cleveland Web Design by Go Media

Web Design

Finally we designed the new website for Boom! It need to be an extension of everything they bring to race-day events, just online. With the ability to learn more about how best to use their product, and as a platform to engage and buy the products, the website helps spread the word of Boom!


SeeSaw is an app which connects local Moms and their children for PlayDates. With the branding we wanted to portray a fun, lighthearted personality akin to the types of Moms who are looking to socialize and engage their children in new, exciting ways. That idea of fun and adventure was paired with a more refined visual style to create a sharp new identity which helps round out the voice of the new brand.

Final Direction:


Additional Logo Concepts and Brand Styles: