Boom Nutrition Inc. is a Cleveland based company that produces Carb Boom! Energy Gels®, the best tasting and best performing energy gel for endurance athletes. When approached by clients Tony and Mike, we plotted out a full rebrand and brand evolution - including logotype, mark, iconography, flyer design, packaging and website design. Gaining more and more traction in the energy gel market, a full, robust presence was needed to take the next step in the companies evolution. What follows are the different components we tackled do do just that.


The first component of the Boom! brand we tackled was its visual identity. The brief outlined the production of a new contemporary, athletic primary logo along with additional secondary logos which live in various places throughout the brand.

Flavor Graphics

The next component were the flavor graphics. Inherent to Boom!'s quality and uniqueness is its delicious, real fruit flavor. We wanted this to be reflected in the design, while at the same time develop a sort of energy-based style.


The packaging is at the heart and soul of the Boom! brand. It needed to be an eye-catching, innovative visual design to help stand out from the competition and to really speak to the customers it aims to serve. We were able to strike a balance of a contemporary athletics brand, while at the same time appearing delicious and reinforcing their position in the market as 'most delicious.'

The gel packs themselves are visually indicative of the new Boom! brand's direction - The fruit takes center stage emphasizing its all-natural flavor, with the visual identity reinforcing the 'edge' of contemporary athletics. Finding that right balance was at the heart of the projects goals.

Boom Energy Gel Branding Packaging 2 - Cleveland packaging design by Go Media

Boom Energy Gel Branding Packaging 3 - Cleveland packaging design by Go Media

Boom Energy Gel Apparel - Cleveland apparel design by Go Media


After the product packaging was established, we moved onto design the accompanying merchandise. For most retail brands this is a very useful component of their brand, but with Boom! being an athletics brand where equipment can be the difference in performance, it played an even more crucial role.

During the research and design process, we learned that the Boom! customer base is very loyal about 'their' flavor. This sense of ownership is something we really wanted to reinforce, so having the different flavor gels translate directly to the merchandise was a no-brainer. You can now sport your favorite flavor while running in a race.

Boom Energy Gel Website - Cleveland Web Design by Go Media

Web Design

Finally we designed the new website for Boom! It need to be an extension of everything they bring to race-day events, just online. With the ability to learn more about how best to use their product, and as a platform to engage and buy the products, the website helps spread the word of Boom!