USB Memory Direct is an industry leader specializing in custom flash drives. Go Media was thrilled when USB Memory Direct reached out to us to rebrand their company and redesign their website. They needed an identity that reflected their commitment to superior customer service. They believe that every customer interaction and experience, from start to finish, should bring happiness.


Which got us thinking - what better way to show happiness than a smiling USB drive mascot! Because USB Memory Direct specializes in creating custom flash drives, we felt compelled to create a family of icons that shows the various shapes and sizes they offer.


Once we established their brand image, we were tasked with revamping the look and experience of their website.








Our full branding process often starts with us presenting a number of different design directions. Working with the client, we get their feedback and continue to fine tune the concept into a final, perfect fit, brand. Here are a few alternate concepts we explored during USB Memory Direct's logo design process.