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We are gardeners. Before we answer your gardening questions, write the articles on this site, backup the servers where this site is stored, develop website code that makes this site come to life or even wake up each day to come to work, we are gardeners. We know how dirt feels between our fingers and how thrilling it can be to see your first seedling appear or to bite into that very fresh fruit you just picked from your garden.

Gardening Know How is a website dedicated to – you guessed it – providing new and seasoned gardeners alike, the know-how to solve all of their gardening quandaries. When approached about kicking off a branding project, the design team found inspiration from the classic gardening journals and the seed labels which feature iconic plant illustration styles. From there we were able to work hand-in-hand with the client to update some key pages on the website to help boost the performance, along with streamlining the reader’s experience.


Above you see the final logo and variations for the Gardening Know How identity. Inspiration was found in gardening journals and the seed labels which feature technical plant illustrations. Below you can see how this was practically applied, as we give you an excerpt of actual proof content from the design process.

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Below we see some of the work in the design process which ultimately lead to the final work above. These steps help us flesh out concepts, explore visual themes, and vet the solutions we present to the client.

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