Intricate Patterns in Illustrator

This tutorial will show you how to create intricate patterns in Illustrator super quickly. Stuff that would take you hours to draw manually with the Pen Tool takes just seconds when you use this technique. This tutorial is special because it was written by a guest author. His name is Barton Damer. I think he did a great job this time around and you can probably expect more tutorials from Barton in the future. So if you like it it, show your support and leave a comment! With that said, on with the tutorial!

You can watch the video or read the step by step tutorial below.


We’ll use some elements from Go Media’s Arsenal to give us a great starting point. In this particular tutorial I used Decorative 2 from Set 8 and also the Currency Ornaments from Set 4. If you do not have these elements, no problem, you can either create your own or use some stuff from our free sample pack. The principal behind this tutorial is using the Pattern Brush tool in Adobe Illustrator.

Final Image Using the Pattern Brush Tool in Adobe Illustrator

Step 1:

I chose this single Go Media swirl design from Decorative 8. Outlined it in black with a white fill. Then drew a