Logo Design vs. Branding – what’s the difference?

About the Author, William Beachy

I grew up in Cleveland Hts. Ohio and was drawing constantly. As a child I took art classes at the Cleveland Institute of Art and eventually became known as the "class artist." I graduated from The Ohio State University's department of Industrial Design. I have always tried to blend my passion for illustration with Graphic Design. Go Media was the culmination of my interests for both business and art. I'm trying to build a company that is equally considerate of our designers AND our clients.

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5 comments on “Logo Design vs. Branding – what’s the difference?

  1. Hi William, great article, thank you! I was wondering where you draw the creative line between website design and brand consulting? I’m having trouble with the lines blurring there. I quoted a client for a website design but after talking more, it seems like they want more creative direction from me. What would you do? Thanks again, so glad I came across your page!

  2. Super! I love discovering like-minded creatives such as yourselves taking the time to educate and empower clients and cross-functional partners [and consumers] on the science of design. I will add this to my education swipe folder to help in my conversations. #steallikeanartist #showyourwork @kb_causeofchange #frontpagewoman

  3. Hi William: Great article. Thank you for helping me to understand the difference between logo design and branding.