how to use vector graphics in illustrator

Tutorial: How to Use Vector Graphics to Create a Repeating Pattern in Illustrator

Hey Arsenal Fans! Today we’re going to show you how to use vector graphics in Illustrator to create this repeating pattern using Vector Set 25, just released on our Arsenal.

Skill Level: Beginner
Requirements: Any of our vector packs and Adobe Illustrator

Step One: Open up a new document in Adobe Illustrator.

We sized ours 1270 x 770, the size of the hero shot shown above. In addition, open the vector pack you’ll be using for the pattern. We are using Justin Will’s zombie vectors.

Step Two: Arrange your vectors into a layout that is random in nature. Lay them in different directions and scale them to different sizes to achieve this effect.

how to use vector graphics in illustrator

Step Three: Right click (or CTRL + G) to group your vectors together.


Step Four: Copy and Paste your set, starting to develop your pattern. If needed, add individual elements in order to fill in empty spots.


Step Five: Group this larger segment. (Right click > Group (or CTRL + G)) Copy it and as above, fill in any missing spots again.




Step Six: Group and Copy / Paste until you have completed your full pattern!



Step Seven: Group your final design and you’re done!



Show us how you used your repeating patterns on a wallpaper, t-shirt, posters, etc. Leave a comment or tweet us @go_media!

how to use vector graphics in illustrator