New Logo Design Unveiled to Jack Frost Confection-Loving Crowd


Jack Frost Donuts‘ new Cleveland Logo Design – and brand new building – was unveiled to the public in a grand, re-opening over the weekend, complete with green screen fun, a new menu display, festive red and yellow balloons and upbeat music.

Steaming cups of fresh, hot coffee complimented the dozens of delectable delectable donut options for new and loyal patrons of the Old Brooklyn mainstay.


Customers clustered in the parking lot to catch a peek at the newly-renovated store, complete with exposed stone walls, sparkling quartz counter tops, spotless tile floors and a merchandise rack that stretched to the ceiling.

“Despite the windy and cold weather, the turnout was fantastic,” said Lauren Hudac, Go Media’s Account Services Manager. “We waited in a 30-minute line outside – totally worth it!”

The Pearl Road store, now emblazoned with a newly-updated bright new red-and-white logo design from Go Media, prides itself on the motto, “Every Batch Made From Scratch.” The baker has been in business since 1937, though it’s changed hands a few times. Fred Borkey is the man now at the helm.IMG_2094

Erin Rodeno, spokeswoman for the family-owned shop, said the store remodeling and the logo design brand refresh was an opportunity to ensure the entire atmosphere reflected the quality of the product.

“The branding and logo design needed to change because we’ve really grown as a company,” Rodeno said. “But we want to make sure people know: with Jack Frost, you’re going to get the same quality ingredients. New logo, but same taste.”

The grand re-opening showed the many different ways in which small businesses and retail stores rely heavily on logo design. It was incorporated in almost every facet, including:

  • New Menu Screen
  • Print Menus
  • Business Cards
  • Staff T-shirts
  • Staff Hats
  • Storefront Sign
  • Signage on Store Siding
  • Boxes
  • Coffee Mugs
  • Napkins
  • Merchandise Mugs
  • Merchandise T-shirts
  • Merchandise Hats
  • Merchandise Coffee Pots

Chris Comella, Go Media’s Art Director, said even though the store is venturing into new territory, it was important that the logo design remain true to the identity of the store – which is one customers have come to know and love. That’s called brand equity, and it was important not to lose it.

“If they had simply dropped every element they had before, it would have come as a shock to the community – and that’s not what we wanted,” Comella said. “From a strategic standpoint, we really didn’t want to stray too far from what they had. Our role is to help make their business better – not arbitrarily change it.”

The donut shop operated out of a re-purposed pizza shop nearby while the renovations were ongoing.

Rodeno said the hope is this will be the start of a revitalization trend in the neighborhood.

The grand re-opening took place on April 2. The store has since resumed its regular hours and operations, which is 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Sunday.

Learn more about Jack Frost Donuts at 4960 Pearl Road by checking out their Facebook page or by calling (216) 351-3638.

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