How To Get Paid What You Deserve: A Go Media Podcast

How To Get Paid What You Deserve: A Go Media Podcast

In this edition of the Go Media Podcast, Bryan and Bill sit down with Paul Jarvis to talk about how he prices his work and how to get paid what you deserve.

Paul Jarvis knows his stuff, after all. The best-selling author and designer writes an article a week and shares it exclusively with his email list, The Sunday Dispatches. These are his thoughts on how to use your creativity to make a living. His articles have been published in NewsWeek, BuzzFeed, Forbes, LifeHacker and many more. He also runs an online course about how to become a better freelancer, among other products for creatives like us.

We were honored to discuss to the burning questions submitted by our readers. We cover:

  • price positioning
  • the importance of establishing boundaries with clients
  • how to identify buster clients and more
  • negotiating and deliverables
  • “discounts”
  • pricing structures
  • how to decide what to charge clients
  • billing policies and more

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How to Get Paid What You Deserve:

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