Modern Gigposter Design: 100 Stunning Examples – Volume II

Two years ago we put out a post showcasing some of the best posters of the previous few years before that.


Modern Gigposter Design: 100 Stunning Examples – Volume I

Today we are doing the same thing. This article contains 100 stunning posters made in the last two years.

This second collection highlights the trends and changing styles in the gigposter world. If you go back and compare the previous selection to the ones I have gathered today, there are some clear differences. Now I know that there are still posters that get produced in the same styles as they would have two or more years ago, but overall, as a scene, and as a group of designers and illustrators, you can see the evolution of the gigposter. It might not be a dramatic and sudden evolution that is crystal clear to everyone, but for the most part it is slowly and subtly changing. There are certain dynamics that have changed or appeared which you will be able to see if you go back over the years and see this evolution in play.

Here are 100 stunning poster designs that have caught my eye from over the last two years.

WeThreeClub-164198 twoarmsinc_RRRspace1 twoarmsinc_NPR twoarmsinc_Gilbert ToddSlater-160942 ToddSlater-157937 ThirdAlertDesigns-EricChurchTulsa TheSilentGiants-JW_EUGENE TheDecoderRing-ABIRD_full Telegramme-4 Telegramme-3 Telegramme-1 Switchopen-QOTSA SubjectMatter-Foals_StLouisProof2 SubjectMatter-BrownBirdPoster strawberryluna stawberryluna-Belles_YoLa_Poster_750 StatusSerigraph-OCMS_NYE_mainfin StatusSerigraph-NFF_MAIN SimonMarchner-bandofhorses_dachermusiksommer ShedLabs-160619 ShedLabs-155755 SeanMort-bff Scrojo-160081 ScottCampbell-149747 RossProulx-156807 RichKelly-DMB_CVILLE Reedicus-154240 ANDREW BIRD POSTER 03 NerlSays-Childish_NY_Flame NerlSays-Band_of_Horses NateDuval-163126 NateDuval-163125 cartel MunkOne-ALEXISONFIRE MonkeyInkDesign-Soundgarden1 MonkeyInkDesign-BlackKeys2 MilesTsang-kanye_west MikeyBurton-157165 METHANE-2 METHANE-1 Madpixel-158516 LukeDrozd-joshritter_fall LukeDrozd-belle_low Liltuffy-weeknd3 LilTuffy-BLONDIE1B Landland-DMB_Mansfield_both_FinalScan_1200px_800 Landland-Calexico_US_FinalScan_1200px_800 KunnyVDP-164589 KEVINTONG-Phish_LARGE_0003_Layer_1 KEVINTONG-BonIver_0000_Layer_1 KEVINTONG-BlackKeysCoachella KenTaylor-sigur-ros IMG_1454 whigs JohnVogl-MGMT2 JohnVogl-BCARLILE_SLC JohnVogl-ANDREW_BIRD2 JayRyan-omg_AB_greek_1024x1024 JasonMunn_Barsuk_Phantogram_Poster JasonMunn_Barsuk_NadaSurf_Poster JamesFlames-TreyAnastasio-NYC2012 JamesFlames-Phish-Hampton2013 JamesFlames-GrizzlyBear_ACL2013 InvisibleCreature-underoath_poster poster idea 2 elton new12a Hero-il_570xN.477877541_sciw GrahamPilling-156209 GrahamPilling-156208 DrewMillward-10134240484_6dac8af67d_b DrewMillward-9784640174_13fda4ce95_b DrewMillward-7602218856_008bd129c6_b DoeEyed-163908 DoeEyed-163907 DoeEyed-155316 DKNG-the_national_na_tour_big DKNG-eits_nashville_big DKNG-black_keys_pheonix_big DDL-MSMR1200 DDL-BelleSebastianBig DanMumford-1223 DanielDanger-NationalPoster crosshair-goose2013800 CraigUpdegrove-164588 ConcepcionStudios-157034 ConcepcionStudios-155100 Burlesque-162372 BobbyDixon-162312 Basemint-151415 AnonymousIandI-soundgarden_IH AnonymousIandI-melvins_may28 AndrewVastagh-fd3493d693_z AndrewVastagh-64a168b9c0_z Print Print

Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below! And don’t forget to check out Volume I!