Freebie time! A look at set 22

Freebie time! A look back at set 22

A blast from the (recent) past

Remember vector set 22? We’ve been having a look back at our releases this year, and we feel that it didn’t get as noticed as we would have liked. I mean, this set still includes the coolest pack of vintage hot rods that I’ve seen.

Vintage Cars Vector Pack - Set 22

What was in that set, anyways?

The underlining theme for the set was everything 1950s, rockabilly, and tattoo. We had a pack of 1950s items, vintage cars, rockabilly stuff, pinups, pinstripesretro tattoos, and period-themed skull and wings.

Vintage Cars Vector Pack - Set 22 Rockabilly Icons Vector Pack - Set 22 Pinstripe Vector Pack - Set 22 Pinup Vector Pack - Set 22 Skull and Wings Vector Pack - Set 22 Retro Tattoos Vector Pack - Set 22 The 50s Vector Pack - Set 22

We also used it for tutorials

Create an Iconic Rockabilly Poster With Vector Set 22 – Poster preview

We used that set as a support for a lengthy, two-part poster tutorial. The first part is about creating the above poster, and was written by Steve Knerem. The second part was about making it more period accurate, and was written by yours truly.

Create an Iconic Rockabilly Poster With Vector Set 22, part II – Poster preview

Freebie, you guys!

In order to put the set back on everybody’s radar, and because we like you very much, we’re releasing a freebie pack of our favorite items from the set. Thanks, comments (below), and showcasing of uses are appreciated.

Set 22 - Freebie pack!

Download the Set 22 freebie pack

You should also have a look at the full set on the Arsenal.