Badass Bling Effect in Photoshop

Written by guest author Barton Damer.

Bad Ass Bling Effect


This tutorial will show you step by step on how to create a “Badass Bling Effect” using layer styles in Photoshop. Once you create the layer style, you can easily “blingify” any layer. There is also a video tutorial as well.

Video Tutorial


Choose an image you want to sprinkle with golden Photoshop magic. In this case i chose a full color image of a boombox and I’m going to make it look like it is solid gold. Make the image into a grayscale image by “Desaturating” the layer in the Image/Adjustments/Desaturate menu.



Apply a color overlay Layer Style by

New Font – Celest


We have released a new font called “Celest” and it was designed by one of Go Media’s newest designers Katie Major. She’s actually been working for us for about a month now and doing very well!

She describes this font as “a new concept in human communication conceived through this typeface. It is a speculation as to how we will need to interact with each other as our reach stretches further into the galaxy. For centuries we have looked to the stars for answers. Inspired from ancient constellations, Celest is the manifestation of evolved communication.”

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