Sports Branding Insight With Todd Radom

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Bryan Garvin
  • Dec 18, 2015
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In this edition of the Go Media Podcast, we sit down with Todd Radom to talk about his extensive experience designing for the sports industry.

Todd Radom is an independent graphic designer specializing in branding for sports franchises and events. Todd’s work includes the official logos for Super Bowl XXXVIII and the 2009 NBA All Star Game, as well as the graphic identity for Major League Baseball’s Washington Nationals and Los Angeles Angels. Among the leading designers in the professional sports industry, his two decades of work with the NFL, NBA, and Major League Baseball have resulted in some of the most familiar icons of popular culture.

In the first half of the conversation, we talked about how Todd started his design career and his first branding project in the sports world. In the second half, which is available only for Arsenal Subscribers, we get a bit more in depth about keeping busy when he’s not working for clients. And, how he presents concepts to his clients. From general managers and marketing directors, to full teams like he worked with for the World Series.

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