The strange and dark visual universe of Les Brûmes

  • Oct 19, 2011
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A presentation

Hello folks. Simon here. Today, I want to introduce you to the visual world of Flickr member Les Brûmes (The Mists in English). I came across her work via some inspiration post on Abduzeedo or another blog out there a while ago, and haven’t stopped following it since then. I invite her to add her work to the Go Media Flickr pool, which she does regularly.


Linda is a visual artist from Quebec, Canada, born in 1965. I don’t think I’ll be able to let you know more, for the only reason that I don’t know more. She politely declined my interview request, explaining that it was pretty hard for her to put words on her own work.

The reason why I wanted to share her work with you is quite simple: it’s beautiful. She mostly work using the collage technique: assembling bits and pieces of images, text and other elements to create often dark and mesmerizing works of art. Each of her pieces has various layers of meaning.

Alongside her photography work, that I’ll showcase some examples as well, she managed to build a coherent yet extremely varied body of work.

Her photographs are really poetic, giving a new and almost dream-like dimension to the environment of day to day life. It seems to me there are other underlying themes in her work, such as death, time that passes and can’t be recovered, aging…

The selected works

27/3l336 6350-597307519 7632-313/ destination 27-3l338 27954 /1210 754/4l470 27/3l32 27X/0421 /4-00543343 04-004540 27X3-00 0003-246 6350-59730755 6967-60551 IMG00099-20110915-15510 5 sept.

Some of her photo series

“Octobre et ses dentelles”

octobre/ ses dentelles octobre/ ses dentelles octobre/ ses dentelles octobre/ ses dentelles octobre/ ses dentelles

“Dans notre maison, il y a…”

suspendues/ des herbes en automne les secrets une vieille chaise/ en octobre blanches/ les fleurs les blancs d'automne un bureau/ des vieilleries du temps octobre dans ma chambres/ les blancs dans ma serre/ deux pots de verre

“Les liens”

les liens ni le feu/ ni le vent les pleureuses/ les liens


eau eau eau eau eau

“Noir et blanc”

|| || / . || || || || || || la flâneuse deuil || ||

Some additional notes

This concludes this feature of Linda’s work. I hope you liked it and had as much interest discovering her universe than I did. Also, you should check out some of her texture sets

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