Tennery Typeface & New Apparel Templates

  • Nov 5, 2008
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Watch out! It’s Big November at Go Media – and that not only means tons more awesome design resources to spice up your upcoming projects, but a whole new & improved Arsenal.

We’re kicking it off with the Tennery Typeface and latest installment of Apparel Templates.


I remember when Oliver started working on Tennery last summer. I was a big fan of it even in the early stages, and I think it shaped up into an incredible typeface. It’s really unique and yet totally applicable – and comes with three weights plus oblique versions. The lower case ‘y’ in Tennery is one my favorites. Definitely worth checking out.

Ladies Short Sleeved Templates

You may remember that last month the Ladies Long Sleeved Template Pack was released. Jimiyo wrote a pretty sweet tutorial about his process for mocking tees back then, but he was actually using an early version of our Ladies Short Sleeved Templates . A lot of you commented wanting to know when those would be available. Well today is the day!

apparel template layers

We listened to your feedback about our first Apparel Template Pack and made a lot of changes for this latest version. They’re now in PSD format (no more Tiffs!), have layers that make it even easier to change the shirt color and new highlighting (in addition to shadows). The biggest change is probably how much easier it is to paste ‘Your Art’ right into the shirt area. No more mask dragging. Just paste & go.

Arsenal 2.0

Finally! We’re getting really close everybody. We’ve totally outgrown the current Arsenal, and we’re pretty pumped to be able to do a better job giving you fresh design ammunition. So get excited for more reliable downloads, forums, better search, and user accounts!

We’re opening the flood gates on new design resources. Look out for a ton of new stuff this month!

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