Free Vector Download and the Collection of 500+ Hand-Drawn Vectors You’ve Been Waiting For

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  • Nov 11, 2014
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500+ Hand-Drawn Occult Symbols and Esoteric Designs: Free Vector Download Included –

Download the ultimate, hand-drawn, esoteric and occult vector illustration collection. Every one was drawn by hand by Go Media partner Jeff Finley. It includes over 500 vector symbols, icons, drawings, and illustrations created in the same hand-drawn style so they all work together to create an unlimited variety of designs. Great for bands shirts, gigposters, album artwork, and other works of art. In the mood to create something that looks ancient and old-world? Check. What about something conspiratorial? What about something pseudo-religious or occult? What about something mystical, magical, or alchemical? This pack can do all of that!

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This collection includes all of the following:

  1. All-Seeing Eyes – 24 images
  2. Arrow Motifs – 17 images
  3. Astrological & Zodiac – 68 images
  4. Hand-Drawn Circles and Lines – 29 images
  5. Hand-Drawn Esoteric Brushes – 13 images (how to install brushes)
  6. Crosses – 40 images
  7. Dark Occult – 20 images
  8. Alchemy and Occult – 77 images
  9. Keys and Anchors – 12 images
  10. Ancient Runes – 71 images
  11. Hand-Drawn Shapes – 88 images
  12. Skulls and Crossbones – 20 images
  13. Spiritual and Esoteric – 38 images
  14. Wings, Laurels, and Bolts – 18 images
  15. Esoteric Misc – 30 images
  16. Pre-made Esoteric Designs – 8 images

Total: 573 images

Try ’em out with our free download ->

Hand Drawn Esoteric and Occult Collection Freebie by Jeff Finley

Let’s look at the goods

esoteric3 esoteric5 esoteric1 free-vector-download-from-go-media's-arsenal-preview

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