Photoshop vs. Illustrator: Part 2

Photoshop Vs. Illustrator
Photoshop Vs. Illustrator in a (continued) no-holds-barred battle to the death!

WARNING! This blog post contains foul language and dirty underhanded insults. The (harsh) opinions expressed in this article do not reflect those of Go Media Inc. or Adobe Inc. Please do not read further if you are pregnant, have a weak constitution or are currently on prescribed psychotropic medication.

If you haven’t already, be sure to read Part 1 of this Illustrator vs. Photoshop showdown.

5. What app is best for having to perform revisions?

Ps: First off, this question is retarded. This was one of the questions made to help out Illustrator because he needs all he can get. Nonetheless… When you start to work on a project, is one of the first things that comes to mind “Before I start, I should choose the program in which I can fix my mistakes most easiest?” I hope not.

Besides, revisions are for Philistines. If a mistake is made it becomes part of the piece, and is used to evolve the work. Ask yourself: would Picasso have used Illustrator or Photoshop? Had he used Illustrator, odds are this seminal piece of work:

Photoshop Vs. Illustrator

would have turned out to be this:

Photoshop Vs. Illustrator

In more cases than not, clients shoot down golden ideas rather than place them in their trophy case. In these instances it’s best to revise the approach to your work in general, rather than weigh one piece of software’s revision capabilities over another. Saving out multiple versions, backing up your work, and of course good ol’ Cmd+Z. Nothing other than this sort of approach to the work is necessary in my mind. Finding efficiency in generic slapped on graphic styles, filters,etc… for the birds.

Rebuttal: Ai: As Photoshop and I began this blog we had too many questions. While we were paring down the list, Photoplop suggested that we get rid of this question. Here is the instant message exchange that followed (this is a real exchange between the writers of this blog):

[17:51] Illustrator: WHAT!?! #5… is a valid design issue… not redundant with any other questions.

[17:51] Photoshop: yea, but illustrator has the edge.

[17:51] Illustrator: EXACTLY!

[17:51] Photoshop: u bastard

Oooh… it hurts doesn’t it. Like a nostril full of wasabi. I rest my case.

Photoshop Vs. Illustrator

6. What app is best for laying out a book?

Well, I’ll admit that neither of us is designed for such a task. But if I must compare, I would crush Photoshop like the little bug that it is. For starters, as mentioned previously, you can’t even thread text in Photoshop! Can you begin to imagine hundreds of pages of unthreaded text? Every little text change would result in a cascade of thousands of edits! At least Illustrator supports multiple art boards in one document. Photoshop? Let’s see, 200 page book? Well, we’re going to need 200 Photoshop files for that! Fugetaboutit! Only someone with the brain power of Jessica Simpson would pick Photoshop over Illustrator – EVER, but particularly in this case. So, is it chicken, or fish? Neither, it’s crap and its name is Photoshop.

Rebuttal: Ps: You’re right… lets try and setup a 200 page book on 200 art boards in an Illustrator file. That sounds smart. You people out there think that Illustrator crashes a lot already? Just try and do what he’s saying now. Don’t let his bravado fool you, you’ll be saving out just as many pages with him as you would me. You might as well be doing it in a program that you’re comfortable with.

7. What app is best for designing a movie poster?

Ps: Movie posters can be very expressive. In regards to communicating a message that is in line with the movie’s message, what better tool to use than one that doesn’t let its features dictate the aesthetic. Odds are if the poster is more than text, you’ll know if the art was created in Illustrator. Photoshop makes an effort to get out of the way, and allow the message to be conveyed as purely as possible. Face it, vector art may be ‘totally sick’ but it has baggage.
Queue the overly exuberant douche-y response in 3… 2…. 1….

Rebuttal: Ai: Photoshop, you are as confused as ever. Just because I CAN create sweet vector illustrations doesn’t limit me to ONLY make vector illustrations. Did your mom drink heavily while you were in development? Since this is a movie poster, I’m going to assume that I’ll be provided some high quality images to work with. In Illustrator I can mask, fade and combine photos in a wide variety of ways. Then I can use sweet vector graphics to add all those hip trendy elements that you could never airbrush. Finally, the text, as we’ve already determined, will be much easier to work with in Illustrator. Oh, I forgot to mention – the movie Howard The Duck called, it wants its reputation back!

Photoshop Vs. Illustrator

8. What app is best for designing a t-shirt?

Ai: Anyone who has an inkling of knowledge about t-shirt printing knows that 99% of the apparel industry is silk screening their shirts. And if you know anything about silk screening you know that it’s a spot-color printing process. Vector artwork and spot-color printing are like cookies and cream! Illustrator gives you the finest array of spot-color designing tools. And when you’re done – it’s easier to trap, separate and print. So, unless you plan on using an iron-on decal to get your designs onto your t-shirt – you better choose Illustrator. Otherwise your shirts will look about as good as Photoshop performs; like something out of the 70’s. Would you like a little glitter ink with that design?

Rebuttal: Ps: Weren’t you the one raving about pushing illustration into the future a couple questions ago? Spot colors ARE crucial in the majority of the apparel printing projects out there (which is why there is no reason you couldn’t restrict your color palette while working in Photoshop)… BUT, if you do have any knowledge of the t-shirt printing biz, than you know full color printing is becoming more and more commonplace. Just check out the hottest Ts on Design By Humans. If you’re using current technology’s restrictions as the basis of your argument you better be willing to swallow your words my friend.

[Moments after this debate in a dark alley behind the Go Media studio…]

Ps: You are beaten. It is useless to resist. Don’t let yourself be destroyed as Macromedia did.

There is no escape. Don’t make me destroy you. You do not yet realize your importance. You have only begun to discover your power. Join me and I will complete your training. With our combined design tools, we can end this destructive conflict and bring order to the entire design industry.

Ai: I’ll never join you!

Ps: If you only knew the power of the pixel. Macromedia never told you what happened to your brother.

Ai: He told me enough! It was you who killed him.

Ps: No. I am your brother!

Ai: No. No. That’s not true! That’s impossible!

Ps: Search your feelings. You know it to be true.

Ai: No! No! No!

Ps: Illustrator, You can destroy Corel Draw. He has foreseen this. It is your
destiny. Join me, and together we can rule the design industry as brother and brother. Come with me. It is the only way.