What’s Go Media Been Up To?

Well Hello!

All’s well here at Go Media!

Storefront renovations are moving along swimmingly, with progress apparent every single day!

We have windows, folks!
We have windows, folks!

The Countdown is On!

We’re counting down the moments until Weapons of Mass Creation Fest 2013!   We’re busy assuring that our awesome Kickstarter backers get their handsome rewards, responding to speaker, designer, band and sponsor questions as well as collecting goodies for promotional tote bags.  Last but not least we’re tying up the seemingly thousands of other loose ends that come with planning the best-fest-in-the-Midwest!

Posters are in ... and ... boxes, boxes everywhere!  WMC Fest goodies surround us!
Posters are in! … and … Boxes, boxes everywhere! WMC Fest goodies surround us!

Intern Mania!

Alex Miller | Carly Utegg | Kyle Miller | Nathaniel Scramling
Alex Miller | Carly Utegg | Kyle Miller | Nathaniel Scramling

Interns have taken over our office this summer!  Four awesome additions, including Carly Utegg from Edinboro University in Edinboro, Pennsylvania, Alex Miller from Kent State in Kent, Ohio, Kyle Saxton from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia, and Nathaniel Scramling from Virginia Marti College right here in Cleveland, have descended upon Go Media to help us out in a multitude of ways. These four talented students have assisted with the Arsenal, Mockup Everything, Bill Beachy‘s book design, our storefront’s upcoming window designs as well as varying client projects.

Now let’s see…

What The Team Has Been Up To:

 Aaron Roberts

  • Finishing up the identity for Cantine, a Bar & Bottle Shop opening in Broadview Heights 
  • Identity & Website designs for the upcoming Ditka Dash,  a fun run commemorating Mike Ditka (former coach of the Chicago Bears) and the retirement of his jersey in December of this year.
  • Invitation and collateral designs for this year’s NEOSA CIO Symposium

 Bryan Garvin

  • Continued to sift through resumes and portfolios for our open Front-End Developer position.
  • Continued to push projects forward using Foundation 4 from prototype/wireframes to front-end development.
  • Fell in love with Sass.
  • Worked with Jeff to use Soundcloud for the Podcast, but finding it difficult to find the actual download file to bring into Blubrry. So, we’re now just hosting in two locations (Amazon S3 and Soundcloud).
  • Ran our first official live recording of the Go Media podcast as we interviewed Mark Brickey on Episode 11.
  • Put out Episode 12 with the help of Simon.

 Heather Sakai

 Jeff Finley

  • Prepping vendor/gallery layouts and logistics for WMC
  • Keeping team morale high as we get closer to the fest date
  • Getting people hyped for the fest, less than a month away
  • Designing new posters, flyers and postcards to go out.
  • Finishing album artwork/layout for Signals Midwest’s new record
  • Helmet designs for Lincoln Electric
  • Playing some shows with Campfire Conspiracy, getting ready for our WMC Fest show August 18
  • Starting a new personal blog at makermistaker.com
  • Writing upcoming  tutorial about coming up with an occult logo design

 Kim Finley

  • Arsenal customer service
  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll
  • Proofreading GoMediaZine posts and email campaigns
  • Shipping out WMC Merch and rewards to Kickstarter backers
  • Finished writing zine post which compared QuickBooks to FreshBooks

 Lauren Prebel

  • We are thrilled to welcome Sandra Vilevac as the newest member of the Kelley Green Web team! She will be starting August 1 and we are greatly looking forward to her contributions to both KGW and the GO Media Account Services department!
  • We attended the Greater Cleveland Partnership Annual Meeting which featured some notable speakers and inspiring videos. There are so many amazing things happening in our city and we can’t wait to see how it all evolves!
  • Go Media is collaborating with COSE as a creative partner for the NEOSA CIO Symposium in September – a regional event that brings CIOs together under one roof for an insightful forum to discuss critical business IT topics.

 Sarah Traxler

  • Managing our ongoing client & team interactions (client meetings, internal reviews, new project set up, monitoring overall project progress / ensuring deadlines are met)
  • Prep & planning for the following new projects: including
    • Branding & Web Design for Ditka Dash
    • Branding & Web Design for Law Firm Ghost Writer
    • Print Design for COSE’s NEOSA CIA Symposium
    • Branding for Fly Nation
    • Branding for Athlete Originals
    • Print Design for F.C Sturtevant
    • Web Design for FMC

 Simon Birky Hartmann


  • We’re putting a tremendous effort into the Arsenal v3,  as we want it to be amazing and chase down the last bugs
  • We’ve brainstormed a bunch of cool ideas for the launch plans for Bill Beachy’s upcoming book, Drawn to Business
  • And a bunch of miscellaneous things including:
    • Some WMC Fest IV and Arsenal cross promotions and contest(s) (more to come)
    • Some WMC IV art
    • Some analysis following our survey
    • A lot of customer support

 Wilson Revehl

  • Putting the final touches on a new Motivideos site!
  • Putting the final touches on a new Japonesque site.  It will be rolled out in phases throughout the rest of the year.
  • Kicked off a new brand and website development for Law Firm Ghost Writer, one of the leading Law Firm Marketing companies.
  • Finally rounded a corner on the new Arsenal. We expect to launch within the next month or two!
  • Wrote a new Zine article which debuts this week! It is a two part series called “Why a Custom Website is so Expensive”.
  • My usual Project Management, Account Services & System Administration work that keeps us on track and online.

Bill William Beachy

  • Managing the Storefront Renovation – looking good!
  • Drawn to Business – We’re Getting Close!
  • Dirty Energy packaging revisions
  • Internal reports including the Go Media Monthly Report
  • Working on financing and compensation models for the sales team
  • Sales

kyleKyle Saxton, Intern

  • Created concept sketches for a new packaging design – Dirty Energy. Presented sketches to client, still waiting on feedback
  • Content population for the NEOMFA website.
  • Continued on creating two marketing materials for the WMC Fest. These booklets will promote MUE and the Go Media Zine!
  • Created two banner design concepts for the new Go Media windows. Mocked them up in Photoshop to get a better idea of what the designs would look like in real life
  • Japonesque website content population and creation. Generated roughly 20-40 images that will be used on the new site
  • Illustrated the Drawn to Business pt 4/5 for Bill Beachy’s GoMediazine post.
  • Created the header art for Drawn to Business pt 4/5 for the Zine post
  • Partnered with Carly and created Icons for Bills new book Drawn to Business (Page introduction icons and index icons)
  • Made two clothing brand concepts for Athlete Originals. Client – professional running back for the New England Patriots LeGarrette Blount.
  • General Arsenal projects and mockup everything templates
  • Talking with Bill about general design questions and entrepreneurial discussions. Discovering new eating spots around Cleveland during our lunch breaks, enjoying work at Nano Brew Cleveland and having fun around the office with the whole Go Media team

nateNathaniel Scramling, Intern

  • Designed the box and banner templates for several of the Arsenal‘s new products.
  • Touching up of general info for content on Japonesque’s website.
  • Concept sketches for Dirty Energy icons promoting product flavors.
  • Created templates for use on Mockupeverything.com
  • Teaming up with the interns in formulating the new designs for the building’s front windows
  • Getting personal instruction from Mr. Beachy on how to create a personal logo and typeface for my own brand.
  • Management of the Arsenal‘s products.
  • Explored a bit of Cleveland with the other interns; found a new great lunch spot at The Cleveland Pickle (their mascot scares me).
  • Schoolwork. Lots and LOTS of schoolwork.


That’s it for now from us at Go Media. Until we meet again:

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