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Incredibly Fun Project Alert: Lincoln Electric Automated Welding Cell

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Our good friends at Lincoln Electric gave us a call because they needed a wrap designed to cover their automatic (robotic) welding cell. They would be competing at the upcoming American Welding Society’s convention. They knew we were the go-to firm for cutting edge and eye-grabbing graphics as they had worked very successfully with us on welding helmet graphic designs in the past. We discussed a few different possible directions and settled on the idea of a futuristic looking welding robot. Today we have automated welding arms, but in fifty years, might we have welding robots walking around?


Above you can see all four sides of the welding cell laid out. Below you can see the final approved design of the robotic welder. You will notice that we decided that this robot’s arm would be the welding tip and not a hand. So, how did Lincoln Electric do in the welding cell design competition? They won it of course, thanks to the creative designers at Go Media!


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welding helmet graphic design

welding helmet graphic design