how to come up with great business ideas

Hey Entrepreneurs: This Video on Finding New Ideas is a Must-Watch

How to Come Up With Great Business Ideas

Cleveland’s Kumar Arora is an entrepreneur, designer, marketer and investor behind many notable startups and brands. 

Kumar’s rich background in design, innovation, and consulting in combination with his hunger to always push the envelope is inspiring and makes him one of our number one go-to’s for advice about starting, running and maintaining a successful startup. After all, he has quite an impressive number of ventures under his belt including Ilty®, Black Rose Marketing, Rogue Eyewear, and more.

How to Come Up With Great Business Ideas

Today, we’re asking Kumar how we finds the new ideas that bloom into full-fledged businesses. You won’t want to miss it.

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How to Come Up With Great Business Ideas

Tiny hint: Remember this face! The whole world will know his name in the coming months and you’ll be able to say you knew him when.

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