Gum Cards by James White

James White: WMC Fest Alum

I am sure most of you readers out there are know who James White is, but if you don’t you need to start following his work. He is an incredible illustrator and graphic artist and is also a WMC Fest alum, speaking at this past year’s event.

Here are some details about his talk, and check out the video below to watch his presentation.

  • Talk Title: Design Renegade
  • Description: In order to reach our goals in the upside-down world of graphic design, you need to be a rogue. A misfit. A renegade. James White from the Signalnoise Studio has based his career on doing things outside of the ordinary, turning his back on boardrooms and creative briefs in order to chase his design dreams with vengeance and rock n’ roll. He will be telling his story while discussing personal projects built from love and ambition in his small home office in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. These led to him working with respected people all over the world, from his favourite metal band to film juggernaut Kevin Smith. James will talk about chasing your creative path, building your personal body of work, the value of supporting friends, and never forgetting the artist inside. Being “different” isn’t enough anymore. You need to be a renegade!

Bubble Gum Cards

Remember bubblegum cards?

From James White’s site

Back in the 80s, my friends and I were collectors. You name it, we collected it. Robots in disguise, anything in camo and all that action figures turned cartoon kind of stuff. Of these kid collectibles, one was a constant around the playground, cheap pieces of cardboard depicting a generation’s favorite movie characters, cartoon heroes and then scary monsters. Bubblegum cards. We would trade with one another to build our sets, bragging when we got that rare one nobody else had.

This led to James creating Gum Cards.

Gum Cards Prototypes

Gum Cards

GUM CARDS is an ever-expanding set of limited edition, screen-printed trading cards focused on artists and designers who are rocking the creative design industry.

Each GUM CARD is a limited edition release of 250 plus 50 color variants, hand-signed and numbered by James White for authenticity. All GUM CARDS are screen-printed on double-thick, French Muscle-Tone Black 140lb. cover stock by the amazing crew at Mama’s Sauce in Orlando, Florida.

Mama's Sauce

Fundraising for the Project

The project began with a fundraising effort through indigogo and a big thank you to the design community for helping James reach his goal!

The funds raised through the Indiegogo initiative went towards the supplies needed to produce and ship the GUM CARDS. Below is a list of the kinds of items required in order to get the project started:

  • 800 screenprinted GUM CARDS
  • Custom printed gum
  • Ziplock packaging bags
  • Individual card sleeves
  • Printed bag tops
  • Backing boards
  • Stickers
  • Buttons
  • Shipping envelopes


Check out the Gum Cards James created and start collecting and trading, just like the old days. I know we all miss collecting and trading pogs, garbage pail kids, and baseball cards, so why not step back in time and start reliving the fun of our youth.

Designer Gum Cards
Aaron Draplin Gum Card
Johnny Cupcakes Gum Cards
Stefan Sagmeister Gum Card
Olly Moss Gum Card
Jessica Hische Gum Card
Robocop Gum Card
Mario Bros Gum Card
The Dark Knight Gum CardGum Card Accessories

Gum Cards Package ConceptGum Cards Gum ConceptGum Cards Patch ConceptGum Cards Stickers

Gum Cards Buttons and Stickers