Episode 2: The Commoditization of Design and a Good Customer Experience

This episode focuses on the commoditization of design and a good customer experience with special guest photographer Dan Morgan of Straight Shooter. We also talk about elevator pitches and the redesign of GoMediaZine with Wilson Revehl.

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Show Notes:

Go Media Quick Tip: Elevator Pitches

  • What is an elevator pitch?
  • Go Media’s elevator pitch is?
  • Bill’s story at his Business Class.
  • How you can create a better elevator pitch.

What’s Go Media Been Up To?

Wilson Revehl in his studio in Florida
Wilson Revehl in his studio in Florida discussing the new GoMediaZine design

Topic 1: The Commoditization of Design

Special Guest: Dan Morgan in-studio

Special guest Dan Morgan
Veteran photographer Dan Morgan looking handsome
  • Discussion with Liz Hunt and Dan Morgan.
  • Automation of design processes.
  • Oversaturation of competition.
  • Technology makes it easier to produce pro results.
  • Products that solve common design problems.
  • Race to the bottom. How are designers affected?
  • How photographers have dealt with it.
  • Offering consulting and strategy, not just design.
  • Service based agencies getting into the product business.
  • Other products that are commodities – websites, themes, vectors, fonts etc.
  • Selling your own products.
  • Arsenal Marketplace.

Topic 2: Selling the Customer Experience

  • Instead of only selling your skills, talent, expertise, portfolio – sell the experience
  • Rethink what your product is – is it your logo? Or the experience the customer gets while their logo is being designed by you?
  • A well made logo is really the end result. It’s a commodity.
  • Going golfing. Gifts.
  • Never eat alone. Lunch with customers.
  • Messaging, takeaways, project milestones that reward the customer.
  • Good Experiences: Starbucks example.
producer Bryan Garvin in the editing room
producer Bryan Garvin in the editing room
Jeff and Bryan prepping for recording
Jeff and Bryan prepping to record



Hosts: Jeff Finley and Bill Beachy
Special Guest: Dan Morgan, Wilson Revehl, Liz Hunt
Producer: Bryan Garvin
Recorded at: Go Media

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