Land Bigger Jobs: Appear “bigger” than you actually are

designer-growing150.jpgOne thing that Go Media has done ever since we we put our first site online back in 2003, is tried to appear bigger than we were. This can have its pros and cons, but to the designer just starting out, it has more pros. Let me explain. The idea of looking bigger simply means that by portraying an attitude of success and professionalism, you will earn those high paying jobs with bigger clients.

Lofty Goals

Most designers just starting out have lofty goals in mind. They want to be doing the “big” projects and get the “big” clients. They want their name to be synonymous with the term “design.” Go Media started out just the same way. There are always the designers that start small and want to stay small and have no desire to attract bigger clients or higher paying work. But for this post, I’ll focus on the majority that want to get bigger and more successful. I’ll offer a quick rundown of the pros and cons of looking bigger than you actually are.

Pros of Looking Bigger

1. You get bigger clients and bigger jobs
2. You get treated with more respect
3. You become the envy of all your peers
4. You attract other successful people

Cons of Looking Bigger

1. You may get more work than you can handle
2. You risk disappointing your client if you cannot live up to your expectations
3. You risk appearing dishonest if you aren’t truthful in how you describe yourself
4. You may be perceived as “too big” and scare off some nice projects

So How do I “appear bigger?”

There are a few things you can do. I’ll speak from my personal experience. I discovered Go Media in 2004 after I saw their site. I looked on their contact page and they had a map of the USA with markers in a few major cities and multiple phone numbers. I thought to myself, man these guys