Create a Killer Band Site in Drupal – Part 3 – XHTML

This tutorial is another special series written guest author Sean Hodge from and Connection Cube. He is an expert in Drupal, which I am totally not familiar with. He intrigued me when he told me that the majority of the bands on Sony’s record label are powered by Drupal. Drupal is basically an open source CMS, and I was interested in learning more about it. So that’s why he’s writing this tutorial for us. You can learn along with me!

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In our last tutorial we sliced up our graphics. Now we are going to take those graphics and move on to coding the XHTML and Cascading Style Sheets.

File Setup

I’m on a Mac. The programs I use for coding are firstly Coda. Its a great program that you can use for coding and ftp. You can see a screenshot below. When I need a more specific tool to a need at hand I use CSSEdit, TextMate, or Transmit.

First off, below is a screenshot of the file directory. You’ll want yours to match this structure for this tutorial. You’ll need the exported photos from the last tutorial as shown below as well.


Standards Based XHTML

Standards based design is a common part of web design today. Here are a few links if you need to beef up your skills in this area: A List Apart, 465 Berea Street, and SimpleBits. Standards based design is a movement away from table structured layout. There is also a focus on semantics, which basically means naming your classes and id’s on what they do and not what they look like. Overall, you want to create html code that is