Create a Killer band site in Drupal – Part 1 – Design

This tutorial is another special series written guest author Sean Hodge from and Connection Cube. He is an expert in Drupal, which I am totally not familar with. He intrigued me when he told me that the majority of the bands on Sony’s record label are powered by Drupal. Drupal is basically an open source CMS, and I was interested in learning more about it. So that’s why he’s writing this tutorial for us. You can learn along with me!

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You can design the site however you want, but for the sake of this tutorial, we’re going to use Adobe Illustrator and download a few resources from the Go Media Arsenal freebie page.

Let’s get started by downloading the Go Media Vector Pack Sample and the Go Media Texture Pack Sample. We also used a couple photos from Feel free to insert your own favorite band pics though.

Set Up Our Document

Open up a new Illustrator document at 1160px width by 950px height. For Units choose Pixels. Under the Advanced dropdown choose Color Mode: RGB, Raster Effects: Sceen (72pi), and Preview Mode: Pixel. Now lets get our