An Open Letter to Student Designers

Knowville Illustration by Dave Tevenal

Advice for Graphic Design Students

About twice a week I will get a letter from a student or young graphic designer that asks me a variety of questions. Typically they are questions like: “How do I get started in the design industry?”, “What software should I study?”, and “How can I work for Cleveland Design firm, Go Media?”

After writing lots of very long emails, I thought perhaps I should put together an article of my answers and post it here so that everyone can read it.

I want to stress that these are only my opinions (I’m William A. Beachy). These are not necessarily the opinions of everyone at my firm (Go Media Inc). And, they are only that: opinions. There are a great many ways to design, a great many ways to get into the industry and a lot of different pieces of software. I can only give you my recommendations based on my personal experiences. If I say something that does not fit with what you’re doing don’t necessarily stop what you’re doing, Just take my advice and log it in your brain. Over time you will figure out what works for you.

So here goes.

Does Go Media offer internships?

We do have very few limited internships. We are typically looking for designers that are in their junior year of college. Basically, you need to have enough skills to come in and be a productive employee. While you will learn a lot as an intern