Best Spotify Playlists for Getting Sh*t Done – Go Media Staff, Volume 1: William Beachy

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  • Nov 17, 2014
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If you’ve ever entered Go Media headquarters,  you’ll most likely be blown away by one thing – quite immediately.

The sound of complete and utter silence.

It’s something I first noticed when I first stepped my foot onto the third floor of this, 4507 Lorain Avenue, and something almost everyone comments on upon entering.

Quickly though, you’ll come to understand the reason. More often that not, each and every one of us has our headphones on, being inspired and motivated by our favorite music.

Getting it done.

We thought it would be fun if we each constructed a Spotify playlist for you, dear readers. Each is chock-full of songs that put that creative fire in our bellies.

You can find these playlists each and every Monday here on the ‘Zine. We’re kicking off our favorite Spotify playlists with one from William Beachy, President of Cleveland website designers, Go Media.

William Beachy’s “Go Media’s EDM Work Playlist”

The name says it all. I slowly pieced together this playlist over an entire year. This is just over two hours of high energy, bad-ass, bass thumping, soaring vocal, punch-you-in-the-face dropping electronic music. If you like Electronic Dance Music, you’ll be head bobbing and chair dancing yourself into a blissful state of productivity. If not, welp, you gotta go if you don’t like techno.

See you next time!

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