Rules of Graphic Design

Become a Master Graphic Designer in 7 Easy Steps

Rules of Graphic Design:
a Quick Guide by Your Friends at Go Media, Cleveland’s best website design company

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Here are our Rules of Graphic Design:

With hundreds of posts in our archives sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin. Our Start Here page is a great place to get started. This page holds 7 quick guides to becoming the creative you’ve always dreamed you’d be. You’ve landed on one of these lists so let’s get started, shall we? Read on to learn how you can:
Become a Better Designer in 7 easy steps.

1. Become a Master Designer: Rule One: Limit Your Fonts
2. Become a Master Designer: Rule Two: Limit Your Colors
3. Become a Master Designer: Rule Three: Contrast, Contrast, Contrast
4. Become a Master Designer: Rule Four: Spacing Is Your Friend
5. Become a Master Designer: Rule Five: Add depth to your designs.
6. Become a Master Designer: Rule Six: Motion
7. Become a Master Designer: Rule Seven: Putting it all together.