Go Media’s Flickr Pool Showcase – October 2010

Hello there! Simon H. here.

It’s about time to have the next installment on the post series we started last month. Here’s more beautiful art, hand picked from the Go Media Flickr pool.

Just a reminder: if you want your art to be featured, just post in the group and make sure it’s awesome. You then have a 99.9% chance to be featured.

Wolf by Brian Bollig

CORE Black Renders
CORE Black renders by kid grandios

ffffound! (repost)
ffffound by Rétrofuturs

Octopussy / Haeckel serie (repost)
Octopussy by Rétrofuturs

Retweet me I'm Famous
Rewteet me I’m famous by Rétrofuturs

I believe I can touch the sky (test)I believe I can touch the sky by Rétrofuturs

valium / Now life is cool
Valium / Now life is cool by Rétrofuturs

Blimp rider
Blimp Rider by Captain koons

why we dream
Why we dream by catherine.roach

You Take Great Measure
You take great measure by Lukes Beard

I Want Your Loving
I want your loving by Lukes Beard

I watched You Change
I watched you change by Lukes Beard

Abstract Nous Digipack Design
Abstract Nous by DanielN14

Ear me clown by Marco Brunato

Word: 1 Samuel
Word: 1 Samuel by Jim LePage

Fig 11 - Zaman café (Prostitution scandal embroils French soccer star) repost
Zaman Café by Rétrofuturs

Tumblr (repost)
Tumblr by Rétrofuturs

flickr (repost)
Flickr by Rétrofuturs

Twitter (repost)
Twitter by Rétrofuturs

Hard Days Night
Hard Days Night by Dan Shearn

Ring of Fire
Ring of Fire by Dan Shearn

I Kissed A Girl
I kissed a girl by Dan Shearn

Studio Ace of Spade - Monthly poster series - September 2010 - Act I
Studio Ace of Spade monthly poster series – September 2010 – Act I by Simon H.

Destiny by hidobrado

Isaiah onething 2010 Shirt Concept
Isaiah onething 2010 shirt concept by Zadok44

Good design made visual
Good design made visual by Kareem Magdi

I Could Never Leave You Forever 3
I could never leave you forever 3 by Esoteriks

Use Gill Sans and make posters
Use Gil Sans and make posters by Rétrofuturs

Don't forget this is your dream
Don’t forget this is your dream by workisnotajob

one day
One day by workisnotajob

Untitled by garmonique

Word: Jonah
Word: Jonah by Jim LePage

VOID Poster
VOID poster by kid grandios

VOID wallpaper1680x1050
VOID wallpaper by kid grandios

NIN Farewell Tour Ticket Stub (BACK)
NIN farewell tour ticket stub (back) by Max Dominguez

The Best Things
The Best Things by 55 Hi’s

Technologic_Leeloo Wayne
Tchnologic Leelo Wayne by AXIA comm – AXIA form

Technologic by AXIA comm – AXIA form

Ulysses 31 Screenprint
Ulysses 31 Screenprint by Neal McCullough

pink by laopan89