Textures You Can’t Live Without: Maarten Kleyne’s Colorized Art Collection

Handpicked from the Heavens

We’re super psyched to bring you the newest in texture excellence today.

Introducing the Colorized Texture Set.

Over 100 brilliant & bubbling textures, only $35.

At 45% off of the list price, it’s this week’s special.

Juicy Goodness.

The textures, brought to us by Maarten Kleyne, are punched with pops of color and are bubbling over with brilliance so palpable you’ll think they were plucked from the heavens.

Over 1,000 shots taken around Maarten’s studio space and office, were carefully captured and post-processed. One hundred and five of the highest quality were handpicked especially for your use. They were then divided up into 7 packs of power.

We’re sure you’ll find them versatile and vivid. At $9 a pop, you can grab them individually, or purchase the whole shebang for only $35!

Take a Peek:

They are:

Color Flushed Walls

Sun Reflected 

Moving Vintage Lights

Leaking Purple Retro Voids

Retro Grunge Glows

Glowing Grunge Wallpaper

Liquid Projections Inspired Psychedelic

The whole deal, folks:


All 105 textures only $35.

Want more Maarten?

Maarten Kleyne is no stranger to our Arsenal.  A freelance designer from the Netherlands, Kleyne is responsible for such texture pack masterpieces as Etched into DarkExcluded Rough GrungeNoisy Under Atmosphere and Rough Surface Grunge.


Grab those too while you’re at it. They’re all on sale this week!

What are you waiting for? Head to the Arsenal now!