How to Register a Trademark for Your Company

Trademark is a valuable part of any business since it’s the feature your clients will identify you with. It will stand for your reputation, products, and services, and that is why you need to protect it legally. Registering a trademark for your company will give you the power to file a lawsuit in case someone infringes your work or uses your name without authorization.

It will also allow you to present your products and services worldwide thus helping you to establish yourself on the market as a company. However, knowing how to register a trademark is also important in order to do it on time and properly.

How to Register a Trademark for Your Company: 6 Tips

Think internationally

You will have two options for trademark registration: national and international. The former will only protect you in your country and for most that are enough. However, if you plan to expand in the future, then consider registering your trademark on the international level.

Doing so this early will protect your business from any inconvenience and infringement in the future. You can do this at your patent and trademark office, just be prepared to pay the fee and file the necessary documents. In some instances, you can even do all this online without having to wait in line or deal with bureaucracy.   

Consider it a valuable asset

Even before you open a business, have your trademark in place. Trademark is a valuable asset and you have to protect it and use it to advance as a company. It offers possibilities not only to expand but also to grow and become a corporation.

Additionally, the trademark is an asset like any other property you own, and as such, it can secure your loans and investments. You can earn money and promote your brand by allowing other people to use your trademark for commercial purposes. In a way, the trademark will become the face of your company and help you win over new customers and markets.

It will make you recognizable

The best way to attract people to use your services or products is if you let them know you. And one of the most effective ways to do that is by giving them something to remember you by. An interesting logo will help people associate with your company and easily find you the next time.

This is an effective communication tool that will position you among your competitors, as well. This means that it can be a crucial part of your customer’s decision to choose you instead of your competition. Customers who see your trademark will know what to expect and what kind of service to expect from you.    

Trademark lasts

As long as you use your trademark, it won’t expire. For example, Pepsi and Dr. Pepper exist for over 100 years and are one of the most recognized brands in the USA. Before you decide to create a brand, do some extensive research and see what would truly fit your business.

Also, keep in mind that it is something you will be associated with any time people see or hear your trademark. So, don’t rush and do an extensive research before registering it to make sure that you have created something unique and right for your company.

Choose a unique name

Just like anyone can’t use your trademark, you also mustn’t use theirs. In order to see whether name or logo you want is available, perform a trademark search before filing for registration. This way you will make sure you are not breaking any laws, as well as that your brand is unique on the national and global level.

When you choose a name, let it slide off your tongue. It needs to be something that people will easily remember and that can serve as a good marketing asset. Don’t use the name that may remind people on another established brand, since that will only confuse them and highlight your differences.

Trademark a logo

Beside your name, the logo is going to be the things everyone recognizes you by, no matter if they are clients or partners. Just remember Coca Cola’s logo and its worldwide recognition, and you will instantly understand the meaning of color, style, and words. To trademark a logo, you first need to create one and that is usually the job of a professional graphical designer or company.

Additionally, take into consideration the possibility of marketing such a logo and how it would fit into your company’s image and advertising. Once you register the logo as your trademark, no one else will be able to use it without permission and it will represent your company publicly. Depending on your business activity, you can also create a trademark for each of your products and register them as well.

In the end

Before you register a trademark for your company, think about what you want to show your potential customers. The trademark is going to give your business an image that will always point out to you and your performance of services. In order to create a positive association, design a unique trademark and always do your utmost best to satisfy your customers.

After all, the trademark is a valuable asset that can help you grow and increase your revenue if you do it right.