Signs You’re Doing What You Love

 (or Why I Love Go Media)

You hear a lot of this lately: Do What You Love.

Sounds easy enough, right? I’d disagree.

For me, the road to “doing what I love” has been a long and winding one.

Along the yellow brick road, I’ve racked up thousands upon thousands of dollars in college loans, gone to school far too many times (Masters x 2), spent years in job misery and have seen things in the workplace I am in contractually unable to speak of. (No, I’m not talking about you if you think I’m talking about you.)

Work, and the road to career happiness, has felt a little like hell.

When I was hired into the Go Media family, my life took a major turn. Everything fell into place. I mean, seriously. I was dropped suddenly into a land of rainbows, unicorns and strawberry cupcakes. I realized: this is it. I’m doing that thing called “doing what you love.”

Are you?

Signs you, too, are doing what you love:

Find one more person who is having more fun than us.
Find one more person who is having more fun than me.

1. You think: “My job is cooler than your job.”

There have been several years of my life where I recall avoiding small talk all together; where I avoided the ‘So, what do you do?’ and ‘Where do you work?’ chat. You know, those perfectly normal and appropriate conversations that adults have. Now, everybody I know and their brother knows of Go Media and all that we do.

In fact my Aunt Dee Dee over in Rockaway, New Jersey is probably spreading some Go Media gospel as we speak.

2. You are buying what you’re selling.

Pretty similarly, I’ve been in those positions where I’ve had to sell something, or pitch something, I didn’t believe in. I had to smile and say, “Yes, this is totally awesome” even though I’m thinking “yeah, this is totally not awesome.”

So here’s the thing: when you’re doing what you love you would actually buy that shit! It’s totally tattoo-across-your-forehead good.

3. You work more than you have to.

No more waiting in the car with Starbucks until 8:59 a.m. and dashing the hell out at 5 on the dot. I usually get in nice and early and stay later, not only because I have lots to accomplish, but because I honestly and genuinely enjoy my work.

Play is part of our day.
Play is part of our day.

Bonus points if your work is also your play.  For instance, after I’m clocked out, I stay at Go Media and get into all sorts of trouble with my colleague and partner-in-crime.

4. You work and/or network with cool folks.

I’ve worked with some gems in my life. When I say that I mean I’ve actually worked with the type who would want to call off work on a Tuesday so badly that they’d call in with a 24 hour leukemia. (I can’t make that one up.) You know, folks that would rather spin around in their chair than lift a finger.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, here at Go Media I’m interacting with people who inspire me, who push me to step up my game on a daily basis. The kind that just make me proud in general. (Same goofy folks doing weird stuff in picture above.)

5. You are making a difference.

Gone are the days of taking more than I give in return.

Here at Go Media, I am able to contribute to a community of artists and share secrets that lead to the betterment of all.

It sound cheesy, but I feel like the cool stuff Go Media does actually changes people’s lives.  And I get to be a part of it. How powerful is that?

How do you know you’re doing what you love?
Tell me in the comments below!