Designer’s Debate Club: Is the phrase “Do What You Love” ruining design?

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Is The popular refrain “Do What You Love” ruining design?

“Do what you love” — it feeds the soul but will it pay the bills? As this dreamer’s mandate has spread from an idealized dream to the driving force in work/life decisions, we are left to wonder — is it ultimately ignorant of life’s harsh realities: that doing what you love and making what you want requires a lot of unlovely doing. Is this popular refrain a privileged ex-post-facto for the already successful? Is it a comforting hymn we all sing as we walk away from that well-paying job into the dark unknown? Or are we really on the verge of a brave new world where doing what you love is the fastest way to getting what you want out of life?

Watch and listen in on our recent Designer’s Debate Club talk, given at Weapons of Mass Creation Fest 2014 right here in Cleveland, Ohio, home of Northeast Ohio professional web designers, Go Media, .

Panelists include James T Green, Sharlene King, Megan Cook, Grace Bonney, Melody Kramer, Jessica Jacobs

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