The Day After: Photoshop CS4 Resources

We didn’t get a chance to beta test Photoshop CS4 here at Go Media, but it looks like a worthy upgrade. Here’s a collection of previews & feature lists of the latest & greatest Adobe Photoshop.

If you’re in a rush here is the meat of what I gathered from picking through these previews:

Photoshop CS4 will..

  • use the graphics card more aggressively, allowing for smooth zooming, canvas rotation, and other cool 3D effects with good performance
  • have the same UI enhancements as the rest of the creative suit: tabs, frames, etc.
  • include intelligent scaling, like the kind we’ve ooo’d and ahhh’d about for the past year
  • be more flexible because of non-destructive editing via new adjustment options
  • may possibly have multi-touch support
  • have better masking.

Previews & Feature Lists

Camera Town Preview
This is one of the best previews I could find. Really comprehensive, but long. Looks to be straight from the horse’s mouth.

Pop Photo Hands On
A nice down-to-earth look at some helpful features.
pop photo

Macworld previews the content-aware scaling
Macworld talks about how cool this feature is. Does anybody remember that this technology was developed a year or more ago, and bought by Adobe?

MacNN Multi Touch
MacNN lets us know that Photoshop will support multi-touch with certain hardware. Cool. Useable?

ZDNet Photoshp CS4 First Look
The ZDNet flavor of Photoshop CS4 preview. Nice, but could use some screenshots.


Sneak preview from Photoshop World Orlando

New 3D Effects

Content Aware Scaling (yawn)

Smooth zooming & rotating