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Hi Everyone!

I’ve been at GoMedia for a couple of weeks and I figured it was high time I introduced myself. I’m Joanne, one of GoMedia’s interns for this summer. A little bit about me: I will be a third year student (oh, how time has flown...) at Carnegie Mellon’s School of Design pursuing a degree in Communication Design. Though I call Pittsburgh home during the school year, I’m originally from Akron, OH; home of LeBron James the Black Keys and tires.

Off the clock: You’d probably find me behind a camera, riding on the Towpath, cooking/stuffing my face with delicious food, or driving around with the windows down and music blasting; some loud singing may or may not occur.

Down to business: I thought I’d start off with sharing a couple things I’ve learned so far in my (short) career as a designer-in-training.

Always have your sketchbook

Just because we have computers doesn’t mean we have no reason to draw. I like to think of a designer’s sketchbook as a sort of tangible representation of what goes on in his or her mind. Notes, lists, inspirations, doodles, interesting finds, funny quotes, ideas—anything can find its way onto that blank canvas! One thing they stress at school is process: how did you get from the beginning to the end? The sketchbook serves as a medium for which a designer can develop and revise ideas. The mind is a beautiful thing but one thing’s for sure: you can’t always do it all in your head.

Here’s a couple excerpts from my sketchbook for your viewing pleasure:

Take a step back every now and then

Working on a project for 12 hours straight, let alone all night, isn’t healthy both physically and mentally. Your focus and concentration on a piece is best during the first hour. After that? Not as great. Take a break and relax your mind once in a while, whether it be grabbing food, doing some jumping jacks, or even getting a power nap in. At least you’ll go back to your work with some fresh eyes.

Constant inspiration

What inspires you? What ideas motivate you? There are so many people doing awesome things, you only stand to gain from learning about their work. Couple of my favorites are and for your daily dose of interestingness. More to come!

Checkin’ it twice

To conclude this post, it’s the lesson they’ve drilled into your head ever since middle school English. Always always proofread your work. Sounds simple but you’d be surprised how many times this step is overlooked. Trust me, I learned the hard way. Whether it’s text on your poster or an email to a client, taking the extra time to look over things could be the thousands of dollars saved on re-prints.

Not exactly life-changing, but hopefully you guys can get something from this.

That’s all, folks!

About the Author, Joanne

I like sunsets and rooftops. Watching the sunset on a rooftop? Golden. Other interests include design, photography, mint lemonade, witty banter &roller coasters. I also tumble and tweet. Check it out!

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