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George Coghill
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Inspiration Sea is a worldwide community spreading inspiration through art. It allows designers of all kinds (graphic designers, illustrators, web designers, photographers, etc.) to showcase their best work. Users can sign up for a free account to gain access to features like commenting, the message board, the job board, favorite designs they like, and more.

To be able to post inspiration on the site, you must have an invite code from someone on the site or win one through contests that will happen.

If you go to the Launch Giveaways page, you will be able to see that started this coming Monday, there will be a weekly contest for 5 weeks. Giving out prizes like Arsenal Coupon Codes, invite codes, and 2gb flash drives.

Inspiration Sea looks like a great new way to share and discuss your creations with other creative types, kind of like a Flickr for creativity. Users can vote and comment on each creative work, allowing for interactive community-based critiques.

About the Author, George Coghill

George Coghill

George Coghill is a freelance illustrator specializing in monster, creature and cryptid artwork. His illustration and monster artist merchandise work can be seen at

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