This Week’s Top Five Links (7/6/2018)

Heather Sakai
  • Jul 6, 2018
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Here are five links, images or videos from the web that stood out to us this week. We thought we’d pass them onto you and share the love. We hope you enjoy them. Please tweet us and let us know what caught your eye or inspired you.

1- From Fastcodesign, Article – The Heartbreaking Art of a Former Border Control Janitor

2 – From Fastcodesign: Video – The Secret Behind Starbucks’ Iconic Logo

3 – From the Hootsuite Blog, Article – The 2018 Instagram Hashtag Guide

4 – From Medium, Article – Would You Have Hired Steve Jobs?

5 – From Medium, Article – How to Develop an Eye for Design

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Heather Sakai

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