Indie patch inspiration that will get your creative juices flowing

Indie patch inspiration
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  • Feb 21, 2017
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We’re sharing indie patch inspiration

Who else is obsessed with patches? Here are some we fancy. We hope they get your creative juices flowing. You never know…you might be the next Michael Jackson of patch design. But remember that these are only here to serve as inspiration. You are your own unique unicorn, so do your own thing. Have fun!

Click on each patch for more information.

Custom Heart Patches by Tuesday Bassen

Nope Heart Patch by These Are Things

Fox Patch by Viu

Cold Pizza Club Patch by Frog and Toad Press

Knock Off Iron On Patch by Stay Home Club

Unicone X-Large Back Patch by Little Arrow

Breakfast of Losers Patch by Sick Girls Official

Seminice Patch by Viet Huynh

No Handed Bike Club by Mokuyobi

Cat Lady Patch by Belinda Chen

King and Queen Of Nothing Patches by Alex Riegert-Waters

Girl Gang Patch by Jade Boylan

Shit Happens Patch by Gui Zamarioli

Adventure Club Patches by Alex Riegert-Waters

Bearded Patches by Matt Braun

Scourge of the Roads patch by Strawcastle

Lime Crush Iron On Patch By Jess Warby

I Roll Stress Free Patch by Ruan Van Vliet – Valley Cruise Press

Somone You Shouldn’t … Patch by World Famous Original

Was Born To Explore Patch by Kimberlin

Sleep Appreciation Society Woven Patches

Beet It Kid! Patch by Blake Jones – Valley Cruise Press

Eye Patches

Nasty Woman Patch by Kate Gabrielle

No Bones About It Chenille Patch by BanannaBones

XL Rainbow Patch by Big Bud

Please Stop Patch by AdamJK

Bad Apple Mini Sticky Patch by Eva Stalinksi -Valley Cruise Press

Good Hustle Patch by Mean Folk

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