Vector Freebie: Skeletons

  • Feb 16, 2009
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Hey, sometimes it’s just fun to design with skulls, zombies & other not so living characters. The new vector skeletons from Vector Set 14 bring something different to the table. Inside you’ll find close ups of bones, teeth, claws, rib cages, silhouettes, and even punk-ready illustrated skeleton characters. The pack is project-ready & has everything you need to make something really awesome.

Check out how the skeleton “pops” in the header graphic for this post! Be creative with this pack, it’s really loaded.

vector freebie, free vector art, skeletons

For this freebie I picked this awesome skeleton that Jeff Finley hand drew & vectorized. You can download this one for free & get the all 23 images for $9.99.

vector freebie vector pack skeletons

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