Top Web Design Trends Brands Need To Prepare For In 2019

Website is the first thing your customers and clients want to see. Your website is your first impression on your audience. Your customers create an opinion whether or not they should do business with you after seeing your website. Given that, looking good for your website is very important.

Once your page loads, users form an opinion in just .05 seconds, finds Kinesis Inc. in a study. Now, you know why leading businesses have in-house teams for web designing and development to keep their website updated in terms of content, design and functionality.

Forward-looking businesses are open to making updates based on latest trends in web designing as they do not want their customers to see an outdated website. Despite the fact that creating a website is less complicated these days, building a website that appeal to end users is still an extremely challenging job.

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We are in the first month of 2019. And this year, according to Smart Insights, “Global businesses are expecting to see an average sales growth of 19.5%.” It gives businesses an opportunity to fine-tune their website so it offers a better experience to their customers and brings them maximum gains in such a positive market scenario.

But how do you make sure your website has that appeal to attract and convert in the new year? One simple answer to this question is – by ensuring your website follows the latest, outstanding web design trends. Here are top web design trends every business needs to be prepared for in 2019 –

Mobile Ready Website –

Most of your audiences access your website through their mobile phone. According to a research, mobile devices make up two thirds of web usage. Moreover, mobile devices account for over 2 of every 3 minutes spent online.

If that doesn’t convince you to follow latest web design trends, consider this. As per a report published by KoMarketing, 40% of smart phone and tablet users search products on their device.

So, if your website doesn’t look good on mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets, iPads, etc., you might be losing your potential customers away. An Adobe report says, “Two-thirds of web visitors would rather read something beautifully designed than something plain.”

So, it is imperative that you have a mobile ready website that looks great on all devices and platforms.

Simple Logo and Minimal Design –

Graphic and web designers have started delivering simple graphics and web layouts. An overuse of images increases the weight of the website, adversely impacting its load speed.

Apparently, load speed is a major contributing factor for a website’s performance on search engines. Slow page speed means that search engines can crawl fewer pages using their allocated crawl budget. Websites with fewer images have higher SEO value, says

Lists and Headings Are Better Than a Descriptive Paragraph –

Believe it or not, a large number of users aren’t interested in reading long, boring, trivial content. You need to present crisp, precise, to-the-point content on your website. The text should offer the right information about you and your products and services.

Large-format content is a key to better SEO results. However, too much content can be confusing for readers. Using text in a more appealing way, such as lists, bullet points, heading (h1, h2, h3…, etc.) tags, etc. can be more effective.

So, 2019 is time to cut-short the text on your website and make it more readable and to-the-point.

Micro Animations –

Introducing micro animations – that move or change color with mouse hovering – makes your website more engaging, usable and readable. When clicked, these animations or buttons take the user to the page linked. They also add to the user interface of your website.

On small mobile screens, these animations make the user experience a lot easier. They guide a user to the page or check out/payment page where you want them to go.

Here are some of the coolest advantages of using micro animations on your website.

SEO-Ready Design –

The design of your website has a direct impact on its ranking and visibility on search engines. A large number of businesses still do not realize that SEO should be taken care since the beginning of web designing process.

Your website is the center of your online business. Search engine crawlers – the bots sent by search engines – also read your website and have an effect on your search engine ranking. The websites that do not follow SEO web design principles lack on the digital marketing front, mentions a blog on Search Engine Land.

Video Background –

Video background adds an outstanding appeal to your website. It, in fact, becomes one of the most striking elements of your website. Visuals speak more than words do. High-definition videos serve that purpose pretty effectively.

According to a blog published on, videos have a better engagement rate than images. It is a great way to make customers spend more time on your website. The more your visitors stay on your website the better it is for your paid search campaigns and search engine visibility.

Besides, did you know that your website’s hosting plan has a connection with its design and performance? Yes, that’s true. According to HostPresto, choosing the right hosting plan is a fundamental element of a successful website design process.

Behind your slow loading website could be your incapable hosting plan. Your hosting plan should provide you adequate space required to support a website with high-quality graphics and heavy traffic.

Bottom Line

In addition to these, large header lines, AI-based chatbots, color & theme, effective use of gradient, font style and size, easy navigation, plenty of white space, and dynamic scrolling feature are some of trends that leading organization will most likely follow throughout the year.

Users today want flawless, smooth, and faster websites to browse. Since most of your visitors will be accessing your website from their mobile phone, you will need to codify a mobile-friendly website that opens well and looks good on their hand-held device. The main purpose of your website design should be to offer convenience and right information to the reader.