T-Shirt Template Upgrade Free to Current Users

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*NOTE: This upgrade path no longer exists.

The original Men’s T-Shirt Templates was the debut Template Pack back in August 2008. In the process of making two more Template packs & an Advanced Hoodie Design Package, we learned a few new tricks about how to create fantastic photorealistic apparel mock-ups. Now, six months after the initial release, we’ve integrated those features into T-Shirt Templates version 2.0!

What’s new?

Quite a bit. Each shirt has more advanced shading layers such as highlights & color-sensitive shadows. These shadows and highlights are not just part of the shirt, but applied to your design during the mock-up process to make it appear truly ‘printed’.

t-shirt template apparel mockup photoshop

Thanks to a tip from Jimiyo, we updated & streamlined the masking process using clipping masks. Now it’s really as simple as pasting your design onto the “Your Art” layer – no hiccups or locked layer masks to worry about.

We also added preset material colors that are optimized with subtle color variations to look real. You can see in the screen shot there are now added optional lighting & vignette effect layers for extra photographic realism.

Finally, we added three “new” composite shirts made by layering the shadows from several shirts together. They’re my new favorite in the pack.

Free Upgrade to Current Users

If you’re already a proud owner of the original T-Shirt Templates – a free upgrade is coming your way! Keep an eye on your email for the low-down on getting the good stuff.

If you’ve looked on lovingly at other mock-ups on Design By Humans and Emptees, there’s no better time than now to easily get professional mock-ups of your designs. Besides, now you know how generous we’ll be when version 3.0 comes out!

Suggest a feature for version 3.0

That’s right, share your ideas & we’ll use them to create an even better mock-up template! Tell us what would make these templates harder, better, faster, or stronger & we’ll do what we can to make it happen.

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