New PS3/XBOX360 Game Features Go Media

Baja: Edge of Control - Go Media is a sponsor! There’s a new game coming out this month called Baja: Edge of Control. They’re calling it the Gran Turismo of off-road racing. We were asked to be a sponsor probably over a year ago, and I had totally forgotten about it until I was emailed yesterday about it.

I’m not exactly sure how Go Media is represented in the game, since I haven’t played it. If I remember correctly, I think we were asked if players could decorate their vehicles with artwork from our vector packs. But then again, I could be totally wrong. I know there is a “sponsorship” aspect to the game where big name sponsors like Red Bull offer you cash to race with their logos on your truck. So Go Media could very well be one of those sponsors. So you might be able to plaster a big Go Media logo on the hood of your truck. How cool is that? You can go to their website and check the Partners page and you’ll see our logo in the middle of a ton of other sponsor logos. We’re stoked to be included in the game! This is a first for us. I’m going to have to go out and get myself a copy.

Anyway, you can pre-order the game at Check out the videos and such:


Video with Robb Rinard:

IGN video exclusive: