Go Media Watercolors in Skateboard Art

I got an email from Barton Damer, a loyal GoMediaZine reader and author of the Badass Bling Effect, Intricate Patterns in Illustrator, and Ink Bleeding Motion Graphics tutorials.

In the wake of the debate over good/bad use of our Arsenal products – Barton shows me a really great use. We all know we can’t dictate what our customers do with the stock we sell, but there are certain times we get excited when we see it put to good use. This is one of those times.

Barton used our Water Color textures and I could barely tell he did. That’s how nicely he blended his own artwork with our stock. Here’s the email he sent me which explains the design brief and how he tackled it.

Hey man! Just thought I’d drop you an email with some pics one of the skate decks i did. the Gomedia watercolors took it to another level!!!!

the project was a challenge because the owner of the company found a low res-pixelated-hard shadows-old mexican revolution poster from the 50’s and asked me to recreate it for a deck. my first thought was… CRAP! how do you do a hard shadow political piece of artwork without looking like the Shepard!? that’s where Gomedia water colors came into play! the board debut at the trade show in San Diego last week with legendary Kareem Campbell reppin’ the company! here is a detailed pic of the board where you can see i’ve used your watercolors. there’s also a blurry pic of kareem talking to someone as the iphone snapped his pic with the boards in the background.

you guys rock and your stock stuff is great (when used properly). hopefully i did it justice on this one. it was very well received at the trade show.

go media watercolors on skate decks

go media watercolors on skate decks

go media watercolors on skate decks