A new post series on the Zine: weekly inspiration

GoMediaZine - Weekly inspiration post series announcement - #gmzinspiration - header

Readers of the GoMediaZine, we listened and heard you

After our call to you guys for improvements, one of the main suggestions was for more regular content. We are working hard to get tutorials and tests and other goodies together for that.

The other way we’d like to provide more of that recurring and high quality content to you is also by creating a new post series on the Zine: the Weekly Inspiration. Think about it a bit like the Daily Inspiration in place at Abduzeedo.

How is it going to work?

Well it’s quiet simple actually. From Monday to Thursday, just tweet us (@Go_Media) sweet and inspiring stuff: photos, drawing, posters, architecture, you name it. In order for us to figure out what is what in the flow of information, use the #gmzinspiration hashtag. On Fridays, we’ll pick and choose from the links you sent over and publish the content here on the Zine. How’s that?

We’re pretty excited to launch this, and looking forward to what you have to share with us and the world!