WMC 6 Design Conference Podcast: Ticket Sales, Spec Work, Touring Cleveland, and Ink Wars

Design Conference Podcast

Bryan and Heather sat down for a bit of an informal episode of our design conference podcast. With less than 40 days left, there were a number of updates that needed to be said including where tickets stand for the fest (less than 100 3-day passes left), the workshops (WMC Workshop Tickets Now On Sale!), and the Cleveland Studio Tour (Cleveland Design Studio Tour Sold Out?). Plus, an important lesson was learned about Spec Work and T-Shirt contests.

Weapons of Mass Creation Fest is still looking for some help on the sponsorship side. If you’d like to support, we’re currently accepting donations of any amount. Or, download our full sponsorship deck and see what works best for you.

Listen to the WMC Audio Episode:

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