Tips for Designing a Creative Space

Designing an At-Home Space that Invigorates Your Creativity

Tips for Designing a Creative Space

Negotiating boundaries and finding time for work can be difficult when you’re working from home. This is especially true for creative professionals, whose work often requires silence or a particular kind of environment at all hours of the day and night. At Modernize, we enjoy helping homeowners find ways to make their homes fit for purpose, so designing an at-home space that invigorates your creativity is right up our street. Here are some of our top tips to help you carve out a space that is appropriate and productive for you at home.

Find a secluded spot

While some creative types prefer to work with lots of noise and action, finding a private space in your home is essential for productive work. If you have a spare room, garage, or even summer house, you can shut the door and have peace and quiet—or loud music, if that’s what helps you—while you work. Anyone who works from home knows that designating a particular space for work helps boost productivity and lets the rest of your family know that while you’re in that space, you mean business. If space in your home is at a premium, a quiet corner of the kitchen or living room will do; you can rearrange furniture and add shelving or room dividers to make this area as private as possible.

Keep it bright

Hardly anyone enjoys working in the dark, and bright workspaces are known to increase productivity. Paint your at-home creative space white to reflect as much light as possible, throw open the curtains and blinds, and add a few bright accents to get the creative juices flowing. If you must use artificial lighting, opt for bulbs with cool blue hues to simulate an office environment for improved focus. Add a few green plants to freshen the air, clear your mind, and inject some color into your space.

Organize your space

Although creativity and organization don’t necessarily go hand in hand, a workplace is most productive when everything is in its designated place. Whether you opt for traditional filing systems and plain labeled boxes or get creative with glass jars and upcycled baskets, your creative space will feel much less chaotic once you have organized everything to your own particular specifications. As with any room in your home, a regular decluttering and cleaning session will keep your work area tidier for longer and you will have more time to focus on your work.

Stay comfortable

Traditional office environments tend to forget that employees like to feel comfortable while working. One of the best things about working from home is that you get to choose your own furniture for your workspace. An upholstered chair, large comfy sofa, and designer furniture is not off the table in your at-home creative space, so you can let your imagination run wild when filling your own area. While the sky—and your budget—is the limit here, we recommend finding pieces that will make you feel both comfortable and motivated to produce quality work.

Get inspired

No workspace is complete without a little personalization. Cubicles and offices may have limits on the amount of personal effects you can use in your space, but the same is not true for an at-home office or creative space. Fill your room with family photos, framed artwork, and anything else that makes you feel excited about coming to work. An inspiration wall is a great source of motivation for many creative people, so designate an area in your at-home space and fill it with your professional goals, past achievements, and your wildest dreams.