Textile Republic interview

We recently had a chance to talk with one of our clients, Textile Republic, about their business and their experience with web design. We thought you might like to read their responses…

Tell us about the history of Textile Republic and how it was started?

The concept came about from Kim’s merchandise development experience. She kept running into a lack of unique and bold fabrics. Most lines had become stale and more corporate in style. Brian recommended a platform for inviting textile designers to join a community to connect the textile designers to the merchandise. The new printing technology took about two years to be developed. It now allows TR to create products on demand, and the client is able to customize the product with a unique pattern and make it their own.

At what point did you decide that good design could help TR?

Since we are a consumer facing business, and the business revolves around design, we needed a website that communicated our commitment to design. We also needed experts to help make the user process very friendly and easy to use. ‘Good design is everything’ – Kim Osborne Milstein.

How did you select your design firm?

We specifically researched design firms located in Cleveland. We randomly came across a website that we really liked and wondered who designed it – that’s how we found Go Media.

What has your experience been working with designers?

You either have it or you don’t. Designers who stay up with trends, understand what’s happening in the marketplace, those are the designers who impress us. A bad design process can be like banging your head against the wall. Good designers can bring new ideas to the table. Go Media is very good at getting up to speed and knowing what we want even when we’re not sure what we want. Understanding the concept, delivering a solution that fits our vision, that’s what makes the process a great one.

How has good design aided you in your business?

We’ve received a lot of great feedback about the website. If a customer has hesitation about purchasing from a start-up like ours, when they come onto our site they can tell immediately that this is a professional company and they like what TR is about. The site doesn’t deter potential customers. It’s the first impression online and we have to have a solid impact.

How did the design or development process shift your goals for TR?

The process didn’t shift our goals, but rather it helped focus our goals and vision.

What are the future plans for TR?

TR is always looking for emerging talent to build on the existing base of talented designers we partner with. We have some great products in the pipeline that we will be adding in the near future. Our goal is to keep a focus on the artists and give credit where credit is due. We’re exploring the idea of rolling out a retail location as well.