How to Schedule a Blog Post in WordPress

How to Start a WordPress Blog: Part 2 – Previewing & Scheduling Your Post

Rachel Revehl
Copywriter for Go Media
Co-Owner & C.E.O. of Law Firm Ghost Writer

Welcome to Part 2 of our six-part series on how to start connecting with your audience through your brand new WordPress blog! If you haven’t already, please check out the first article in the series about the Technical Requirements you need to fill when writing your first post.

Today, we are going to talk about the steps you’ll take before you launch your blog post into the universe, including previewing and scheduling your blog post.

Preview Your Blog. To see what your blog will look like on the page, look under the “Publish” box at the top right and click, “Preview.” This will open a preview in a new window. Look over to make sure the image looks right, you have links to your byline, your outside credible source, your one internal practice area, your “Additional Resources” and “More Blog Entries” site. Make sure your italicized “tagline” reflects the practice area about which you are writing.

Schedule Your Blog to Post. Under the “Publish” window at the top right, you can choose to “Publish Immediately” by simply clicking “Publish.” Or, you can click “Edit” next to “Publish Immediately.” Once there, you can either backdate or forward date your block to publish whatever day/ time you want. Click “OK” and then either “Publish” (if it’s immediate or back-dated) or “Schedule” (if it’s forward-dated).

A few words about publishing blog posts:

  • Consistently is key! Plan out how often you’d like to publish your posts and stick to your calendar. 
  • More is good. Less is not… Unless the content suffers, in which case, less is definitely better. 
  • Try carving out one day of the week for blogging, then use the scheduling tool to schedule out your blog posts throughout the week or month.

For more tips on blogging, check out this article and stay tuned for next week’s article about pushing your article live to social media. See you then!