Go Media Podcast – Episode 1: What to Do When the Well Runs Dry

Welcome to the 1st edition of the Go Media Podcast brought to you by our hosts Jeff Finley and William Beachy along with our awesome Producer: Bryan Garvin. This episode focuses on what to do “when the well runs dry both in terms of financials and inspiration.”

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Read below for an outline of topics covered in this podcast.

What’s Go Media Been Up To?

  • WMC3 is over
  • Launch of .us Redesign
  • We’ve been working on the redesign of the Arsenal
  • WMC4 Date/Location Announcement
  • Hiring Jenny Kelley as Director of Account Services

What To Do When The Well Runs Dry:

So a lot is going on in our world. But, we also have been pushing ourselves through a down time. Not many client projects coming in, so we’re focusing on internal ones. But, that only can help for so long. So, what do we do when the well runs dry?

  • watch your spending
  • reach out to clients for new projects
  • beg for money
  • delay paying your bills
  • stay busy
  • find inspiration
  • beware of inspiration overload
  • overcome motivation struggles
  • come up with ideas to generate interest & excitement
  • remember to be healthy

On The Map (OTM)

The podcast concludes with an interview with On The Map (OTM) creator, Chris Comella conducted by Go Media gal, Liz Hunt.

  • Where Cleveland is, what cool things there are here, and where Cleveland is going.
  • Urban flight in Cleveland and the loss of CLE business, Dredger’s Union
  • Cleveland’s on the upswing and how OTM is helping businesses in the area
  • When is the 2012 event?
  • What’s currently in the pipeline for On The Map?





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